Work From Home Must-Have Chrome Extensions to Increase Productivity

Work from home will probably become part of the new normal. You must have felt bored, unmotivated, or simply tired after 2 months of working from home during the ECQ. There’s a lot of productivity methods that you can find all over the internet. The problem is, most of them are apps, and touching your phone during work hours might keep you distracted.

Would it be easier if you can integrate tools with these methods that you can attach to your Chrome browser? Avoid your mobile phones now with this productivity Chrome extensions! All you have to do is download the extension and it will be automatically installed in your browser.

Prioritize your day with 135 List

135 List lets you prioritize tasks: 1 big, 3 medium, and 5 small. You may also add more tasks if you like. It acts as a to-do list for you to stay focused on what you need to accomplish for the day during work from home.

You don’t need to download an app to use 135 List and that makes it flexible, ready to use with smartphones and other portable devices or desktops. For convenience, I downloaded and installed the Chrome extension of 135 List. Now I can see my remaining tasks in one click. You can tick and delete the tasks done for the day.

Read more about this at

135 List
135 List

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Manage your time, set reminders with Alarm Me!

Is it lunchtime? Do you have an important task you need to accomplish at a given time of the day? Don’t miss it and get a reminder from Alarm Me!

It is hard to monitor your time on a work from home setup. Alarm Me! will let you set up multiple alarms for those tasks that you need to accomplish at a given time of the day. It also helps you manage your time and be reminded of the next task on your list. Once the alarm is activated, you will see a notification with snooze and delete options. Get the Chrome extension here.

Alarm Me - Set Timer
Set Timer
Alarm Me - Alarm List
Alarm List
Alarm Me - Notification

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Stay focused, use POMODORO method with FocusMe

The POMODORO technique that uses a timer to break down work intervals. Traditionally, the timer is set at 25 minutes intended to focus at work separated by short breaks. It’s up to you how you wanted to set the timers as long as you feel comfortable with it. It is best to use your short breaks for your self like meditating or simply doing nothing but relax. As much as possible, don’t use it to peek on your phones. Set an alarm for those things to keep you away from being distracted. 🙂

Focus Me allows you to set your desired focus time and break time. The timer runs under the icon and will notify you once you reach the last minute of your Focus/Break time. Download the Chrome extension here.

Focus Me - Set time
Set time
Focus Me- Notification

I know it’s hard to stay away from distractions but hopefully with these methods and Chrome extensions, working from home won’t be as hard as it feels. It is not that easy to make a habit but trying these methods and tools might help you adapt and get used to the new norm.

Hope this helps!


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