Wearing Chunky Jewellery The Right Way

Wearing chunky jewellery doesn’t suit everybody in general. However, when worn in conjunction with the right clothing and also the right occasion, it can make a bold fashion statement.

The chunky jewellery leaving the creative grottos of leading designers today are amongst the most stylish pieces of jewellery and certainly have that ‘bling’ factor. You don’t have to be a stateside rapper or a Hollywood A-lister to wear this kind of jewellery, you just need a sense of style.

Looking online for inspiration can help you get the look exactly right. For example, if you’re looking at Corazon Latino chunky silver rings, the internet can help you find the right clothes to complement them. The thing with chunky jewellery is that they are essentially a fashion statement in themselves. It’s not subtle like a pair of petite diamond earrings or a gold lace necklace, so you need to find an outfit that matches the chunky jewellery instead of the other way around.

Types Of Chunky Jewellery That Work Well

Please see below for some examples of chunky jewellery that look good on both men and women.

Chunky Silver Rings

Chunky rings are perhaps the most popular item when it comes to chunky jewellery, with silver being the easiest metal to pair with different looks. You can wear a decent chunky silver ring to any event. It can actually turn heads if paired with the right clothing. A chunky silver ring can also portray a strong character who knows exactly what they want and exactly where they’re going. This look might provide subliminal benefits at high-level meetings with prospective clients.

Chunky Bracelets

Once the domain of 80’s US leading men such as Burt Reynolds and Magnum PI, chunky bracelets have now made solid inroads into the world of fashion as a whole. If the bracelet is well made and looks the part, you can be assured it will make an impression. This applies to both men and women.

Image Source: Pexels

Chunky Necklaces

If worn correctly, a chunky necklace can provide an impression of confidence and strength. Perhaps not appropriate for formal evening events but suitable for a wide range of casual and semi-formal events.  Although the necklace itself may be chunky, the design can be surprisingly intricate. You can find examples from highly regarded jewellers’ websites and Google image search.

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Chunky Wristwatches

Men generally wear chunky wristwatches. However, a lot of top manufacturers in Switzerland and beyond are creating designs specifically for women. A high-quality chunky wristwatch can complement any outfit and make an impression on others.

If you are looking to get on-trend for 2020 by investing in some chunky jewellery, the world is your oyster. Both online and in high street stores have a massive selection to choose from. And, some of which is bound to appeal. Make sure you only buy from quality chunky jewellery specialists and don’t automatically go for the cheapest option.


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