The Violent Nomad Workout: Run Fight Run

If you are dreaming of being an undercover agent or simply trying to feel like a violent nomad, this workout should be part of your routine. Run Fight Run.

Been doing this workout indoors, but not regularly, since 2016. I was inspired after reading the 100 Deadly Skills by Clint Emerson and bought my own punching bag for this. Integrating the Run Fight Run philosophy into workout routines builds the endurance to outlast an opponent in a fight and/or chase.

What I like about it is that it doesn’t require a gym or a sophisticated equipment. All you need is a place to sprint/run and an object to carry and strike. I’m always commuting and I wanted to keep myself tough at all times. So, I wanted a workout that can do the job for the couch potato like me.

Let me share with you the Steps on How to Do the Run Fight Run workout and how I do it at my own pace.

Take down that punching bag
Take down that punching bag

For this purpose, I bought an XS punching bag that’s just the right size for me to carry for the fifth step. I don’t really hang the bag but rather place it somewhere higher and resembles a hanging bag. I punch it in different sides and strikes for one minute. Don’t forget to do the twists and stance.

This is the fun and tiring part, the run. I mentioned earlier that I’m doing this workout indoors. Yes, I’m running around the house like hell. I love the obstacles by the way, haha! I do this in five laps. This is when I start to feel the energy and sweat.

It helps when you think about a scenario where you have to run and fight for yourself while doing this workout, uhm, like running away from zombies? So, after the run, I take the punching bag down and punch it as if “this one’s not supposed to get off the ground” for one minute. I love the way it helps me feel the right position to take if ever I get into a situation like this.

It’s time to run again in 5 laps. It feels motivating finding your puppy at the end of each lap.


The result
The result, I’m ready for the week.

Afterwards, the step that feels like rest but actually it’s not because you have to bear hug your heavy bag. This step is essential for me because every day I’m carrying a heavy backpack (that’s usually in front). This is my training to endure carrying a heavy backpack while standing, waiting for the next ride.

The last step that’s very motivating because it’s the last step. The last 5 laps. By the way, this is supposed to be a half a mile run but what I did is to execute in laps. It’s your choice how many laps or how many miles you want to run if you find it more challenging but half a mile run is the basic.

Ok, the way I do this workout might be easy peasy for you but I just want to do it at my own pace. I still have a lot to do at home and the way I do it is enough for me to stay tough and energized.







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