The Best Vintage Things Money Can Buy

When it comes to vintage shopping, if you’re anything like me then you love spending hours hunting from high to low and seeing what wonders you can find. Depending on the shop or online store you check out, they may have a whole host of things available to buy.

The Best Vintage Things Money Can Buy
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This is why it’s good to have a clear goal in mind. Know what you are looking for and understand what some of the best things you can possibly buy when it comes to vintage. This way, you can walk away with a solid purchase you are happy with. In case you have plans to resell the items, you can rest assured that it will always be able to draw interest.

So, whether you are buying vintage furniture, jewelry or accessories such as vintage watches, this article is a must-read for those who love well-lived goods with a story.

The Best Vintage Things Money Can Buy
The Best Vintage Things Money Can Buy
Image Sourcce: Unsplash

When looking at flea markets and vintage stores, you are essentially searching for that one of a kind item money can’t buy. There is something truly rewarding about having an item that no one else has or something that isn’t on the highstreets for everyone else to purchase. That being said, buying everything under the sun will be a waste of money. You must choose carefully.

This guide will show you which items are best to buy in vintage stores.

1.Upholstered furniture

Vintage upholstered furniture has a certain charm about it and can tell a story that a normal piece of shop-bought furniture cannot. You will find a whole host of unique patterns, materials, and more that will provide your home with that classic look you desire.

If you buy well, you will also be able to find some good quality study items that stand the test of time. Before purchasing, don’t forget to check the measurements to ensure that they’ll fit comfortably in the room.


Lighting is another solid vintage item that goes down a treat. However, vintage lamps may not have the same bulbs as modern-day lamps. So, be prepared to go elsewhere for your supply.

The Best Vintage Things Money Can Buy
Image Source: Unsplash


Vintage jewelry is a must-have for most women. They carry not only value for money but also in terms of their history and backstory. You can find beautiful pieces from different periods that you can connect most with and they are wonderful for dressing up or going about your everyday routine.


Oil paintings are a favorite in particular as they are timeless and hold so much value. Not only that but the right piece can work out to be really financially worthwhile for the future too. Remember though to buy them in great condition. A few scratches are fine, but the overall painting should be intact.

Keep these 4 items in mind next time you go vintage shopping and you’ll be well on your way!


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