The 5 Best Places To Propose In Sydney

If you are planning to pop the question in the near future and you happen to live in the Sydney area, you are fortunate to have a great choice of venues for your intended proposal.

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This amazing city offers many attractive sites, and with that in mind, here are our top 5 wedding proposal venues located in or around Sydney.

Wendy’s Secret Garden – This jewel of a place is not such a secret with Sydney locals, and it is the ideal place for a picnic, with stunning fauna and natural beauty that literally takes your breath away. You could spring a picnic surprise on your bride-to-be, and make sure you have a bottle of wine or champagne as well as a couple of glasses with which to celebrate.

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Propose On Top Of Sydney Harbour Bridge – The ultimate place to pop that question, standing atop of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge with an amazing view of Sydney and the harbour will create a unique ambience that is hard to top. Make sure you check out the stunning Sydney diamond engagement rings that are available from an established diamond dealer who can create a unique ring for that special person in your life.

Looking Down At The Blue Mountains – An hour’s drive from Sydney and you are immersed in the wonders of the Blue Mountains, and by carefully choosing a nice spot with a spectacular view, you can ask her to marry you while you are both admiring the sensational view. There are several locations that would be ideal, and with a little online research, you can make the right choice of venue.

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Bondi Beach At Sunrise – If you are a hopeless romantic, what better place to pop the question than Bondi Beach, with a glorious sunrise coming up over the horizon? One idea for a surprise event would be planting a bottle with a message inside, then pretending to find it and asking her to help you retrieve the message. Another good idea is to write your proposal in the sand and as you are walking along with hand in hand, you will suddenly come across the writing in the sand, and that’s the cue to drop to one knee and present a stunning diamond engagement ring.

Lane Cove National Park – This 900-acre National Park is located about 10km northeast of the Sydney CBD, where you can rent a rowing boat and pop the question as you are travelling along Lane Cove River. Pack a picnic that includes a bottle of good wine or champagne to celebrate the joyous occasion, which will remain etched in your memories forever. This venue is nature at its finest and is the perfect place for a romantic summer wedding proposal, which is one of the reasons why so many people like to visit Lane Cove National Park in the hot summer months.

Of course, whatever venue you choose, you will need to carefully plan the event to ensure that everything falls into place at the right time, and with a stunning diamond engagement ring on her finger, your partner will feel like a million dollars.


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