Running A Small Business From Home? Keep Your Team Productive With These Tips

It’s become more common for people to be working from home or running a small business from home.

This comes with the fact that at times you may be working with a remote team. When you are in the office it can be a little easier to make sure your team is productive and see the signs that there may be issues.

The main challenge is keeping up the momentum and also having a remote team that is highly productive. To keep your team engaged and motivated have a look at these tips: 

Give Them The Data They Need 

You are wasting your time and your team’s time if you don’t provide them with the information that they need to do their job or task. If you are having to locate information manually and have a constant flow of emails, you are wasting a lot of valuable time. 

You need to be efficient when you are running a small business, even if you are working with just one other person. You should think about moving to the cloud and utilizing tools such as lcme dci. If you are worried about people having access to documents you don’t want them to, it is possible for you to restrict access to certain files. 

Have A Remote Culture 

When you work in an office you get a sense of a company culture and what is important to that company. If you work from home with a remote team, it can be a little more difficult to achieve this, however, if you can put one in place, your team will feel closer and thus become more productive. Think about having regular meetings, and creating a webpage or intranet where your team can interact and see what the company is all about. This works just as well for a small team as it does for a large corporation. You can have a regular coffee morning, have social conversations, and learn about each other just like you would in the office. 

Listen To Suggestions 

It is essential for you to be open to suggestions and not be afraid to action them. If your team members have ideas on how they can become more productive, can improve their workflow, or cut down on wasted time, listen to them. After all, they know their job role the best. If they show you they can be more productive working a certain way, why would you prevent them from doing so? 


You will help to keep your team reneged if you listen to them and make them feel valued. They may come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of skills, this means that they may also have some creative suggestions that can help your small business to flourish and grow. You can get where you need to be working together as part of a team.


These are just four of the tips that could help you to keep your remote team productive. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share them below. 


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