Load your Beep Card with BPI

Have you tried loading your Beep card with BPI? Convenience at its finest!


While making my 2020 Happiness and Fulfillment checklist, I thought of exploring a more convenient way to load my Beep card. This is part of my list to automate things to make things more convenient. I believe that we, commuters, should be given an option to help us get through this bad commuting situation. Well, at least eliminating the time to top up your card. This will give you the advantage of getting in line immediately.


I found out that you can load your Beep card (Google Play/App Store) through BPI Online or BPI Mobile app (Google Play/App Store). This is convenient if you have a BPI app and a Beep card app installed on your mobile phone.

Here’s how to top up thru BPI:

  1. Go to Payments/Load option, choose ‘Load E-Wallet’ then ‘BEEP.’
  2. Input the 16-digit number found at the back of your card as Reference No. Enter the amount. Confirm and complete the transaction.
  3. Go to a Beep e-loading station to update the card balance.

NOTE: BPI charges a service fee of Php10 for every load transaction regardless of amount.

Another way to top up your card for NFC enabled mobile phones.

Have you tried this option? Hope this helps and I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this to share a new way to make commuting more convenient for all of us.



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