Innovation & Tricycles: What Has Happened Over the Past Decade

Adult tricycles have changed and evolved over the past decade. These three-wheeled vehicles have gone from a relatively niche item to becoming a popular way to commute, get exercise or carry items across town. From being used as a delivery tricycle to getting a boost from an electric motor, there have been many innovative changes to the adult tricycle market since 2010. Here are some of the biggest changes in adult tricycles from the past decade.

Styles Have Evolved

Two styles have emerged when you’re thinking about a tricycle for adults: recumbent trikes that put the rider in a seated position and upright trikes that allow for a cruiser-like riding experience. Sit-up tricycles have become popular for general exercise. They’re also common choices for riders who are commuting and need to bring items along for the ride. This type of tricycle often has room between the two back wheels for a large cargo area, including a basket that can store your groceries, work bag or other belongings. The sit-up style is useful as a delivery tricycle.

Comfort Is Key

Today’s adult tricycles are built for comfortable riding. Look for a model with a wide, padded seat for a cozy ride. Many tricycles also offer a low step-through mount, making it easy to get on and off if you have limited joint mobility. You might also want to find a tricycle that allows for adjusting the seat and handlebars, so you can fit it perfectly to your height and riding preferences. Frames made from aluminum have become popular in the past few years. Compared to steel frames, aluminum makes for a lighter vehicle.

Trikes Get an Electric Boost

As electric bikes have gained ground, so too have electric tricycles. A small rear motor on electric tricycles for sale powers the rider through longer rides or up difficult hills. Particularly if you’re hauling a fair amount of gear in your rear basket, an electric tricycle can make for an easier, more pleasant journey.

A Tricycle for Any Style

While recumbent-type tricycles and sit-up tricycles are the most common, it’s possible to find a tricycle to fit a wide range of activities and styles. There are fat-tire versions for navigating sandy or rocky surfaces, low-rider versions for a motorcycle-inspired feel, and high-speed electric tricycles that are built for maximum velocity. The more common sit-up models have taken on the feel of a beach cruiser, allowing them to blend in with the most stylish retro models on any shoreline trail.

In addition to advances in frame shape, material, comfort and power, tricycle manufacturers have also started to offer options for multiple speeds and gears. Riders on a multi-speed model can shift gears to allow for easier hill climbing and more comfortable long rides.

Whether you’re looking for a new and interesting way to get exercise, or you’re in the market for a delivery tricycle that can haul a lot of cargo, you’ll find all kinds of helpful innovations in tricycle construction. When you’re ready to find the best adult tricycle to fit your needs, rely on a trusted vendor of quality bike and trike brands to get the best selection and service.


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