How To Maintain a Minimalist Workstation

Minimalism is about eliminating the unnecessary so we can focus on the things that matters most.

A minimalist workstation doesn’t have to be an empty looking space. Rather, it has all the things you need whenever you sit down and do your work. If you are working from home, it is important to have a workstation that is conducive for work.

I had this post on Instagram showing my workstation/dresser (because I have my staple skincare products on my table as well) and received a very interesting question from one of my friends.


“How do you maintain your workstation?”

I’ve always wanted to have a minimalist workstation because I easily get distracted by the things (running through my head) that I need to do and I really don’t like seeing things without purpose in front of me.

With that said, I’ll share with you a few ways to maintain a minimalist workstation.

Make sure to put only the things you need and make you happy/inspired on the table.

The things you need in handy should always be on your table. If you are fond of writing notes and lists, a pen and paper would be one of the few things you need. Since this is your workstation, try to prioritize the things you need to do your job or get ready for the day.

It is also nice to have some of the things you need to de-stress or feel good. Think about the things that inspire you and give you relief from stress. These are the things that you might grab during breaks.

Remove the things you didn’t use or touched for the past two weeks.

To make sure that only the things you need and make you happy are on your workstation, you need to spend time removing the things you thought are essentials but really are not. These are the things you haven’t touched for two weeks or more. That means you don’t really need it as part of your workstation and maybe you can place it somewhere else (if you’re really into keeping the item, else discard!). It also gives you space for other things that would mean more and spark joy.

Wipe your workstation with an appropriate desk cleaner spray.

A wet cloth will do, but it is best to use the right cleaner and disinfectant to maintain the material (wood, plastic, metal) used for the table. I like the lingering scent of citrus fruits from Messy Bessy Desk Cleaner Spray. Since every item on the table is being used, I don’t have problems with dirt and dust build-up.

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Organize cables, cords, and wires.

A minimalist workstation can’t get away with cables unless every item you have is cordless or wifi connection. Roll up and tie your cables and wires to shorten their length and lessen the possibility of accidentally pulling them as you move.

Place a small trash bin under the table.

This will ease sudden decluttering and will make sure that no trash exists in front of you.

Maintaining a minimalist workstation is no sweat. All you have to do is to stick with the essentials and the things that inspire you. Avoid clutter and put back the things in their respective areas after use.

Hope this helps! If you have other suggestions and ideas on how to maintain a minimalist workstation, just leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading my post.



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