How To Cater a Pizza Party With Diet Restrictions

In a moment of crazy sociability, you decide to cater a party with fifty of your closest friends. You soon learn that your friends want specific things: gluten-free, vegan, cage-free eggs, no fructose corn syrup, and more. Your first response is unprintable. Then a moment of clarity washes over you and you remember the tasty, always pleasing, versatile pizza.

After a little investigation, you discover not only is it doable but easier than you would have imagined. Of course, there’s no reason to let anyone else know that. With vegan pizza delivery, you won’t even have to step outside your door.

Pizza Options for Friends With Diet Concerns

The list of concerns about the food you and your friends and family eat is fairly extensive. Here’s a list of some of the most common concerns:

  • A host of allergies
  • A desire for gluten-free
  • A wish to go vegan and not consume animal products
  • A zeal for healthy ingredients free of preservatives such as BHA and BHT
  • A desire to avoid flavor enhancers such as MSG and cellulose
  • A wish to avoid chicken raised with human or animal antibiotics

This is just a partial list, but no worries, you got this. You can go online and find all the information you need and order your pizzas accordingly. You will probably also qualify for a few pizza delivery specials that make the whole big shindig amazingly affordable. You’ll soon be known as the favorite aunt or uncle or a party whiz on par with Martha Stewart.

Pizza Delivery Enhancements for a Better World

As if pizza and pizza delivery aren’t already two of the bright lights in your existence, the delivery process is taking a quantum step forward. The innovative pizza tracking service just changed the game. Here’s how it works. You order the pizzas, and then while you’re sitting at home, enjoying yourself, you check your pizza app and see how your order is moving along. You’ll have to order on the website or the app, but that’s simple enough. Then you will get updates on when your pizza is being constructed when it is put into the hot oven, and when it is getting packaged for delivery. (At this point, you might begin to salivate.) Next, the pizza is on its way, only minutes from your party, and finally, it’s here and in your hands and it’s time to enjoy your order.

With great pizza, it’s all about the choices and options you make. Having more choices just makes the whole experience that much better. You can be true to yourself and be kind to animals or cut down on gluten in the crust if that distresses your stomach. You’re in control and you can build a pizza just the way you like while paying attention to the ingredients and the nutritional content. With vegan pizza delivery, you get the perfect pizza for your lifestyle while having a little more time to enjoy your day. Plus, you can track your pizza as it zooms its way to you and your hungry guests.


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