Getting Married? Engagement Ring Trends for 2020

As February is considered to be the month of love, many girls are secretly hoping that their fiancée will pop the question on this most romantic of nights. If your mind is thinking about ring designs, here is a list of popular aspects of diamond ring designs this year.

Following the Celebrities

This elite group of ladies are a critical aspect of jewellery design, particularly engagement rings, and with Megan Markle’s three-stone arrangement, you can expect to see 3 and 5 stone arrangements in a line that covers the front of the band. The oval cut is expected to be seen by the A-listers, and the emerald cut for a large centre stone is another design to look out for. Big diamonds are certainly liked by the celebs, but if this is a little above your price range, you can have a cluster created that sparkles like a 20-carat diamond, and there are specialist jewellers online who can turn your idea into reality.

Pink Diamonds

The timeless elegance of pink Argyle diamonds has a unique appeal and goes with every skin tone, and if you would like to view some stunning examples, check out, who is one of Australia’s select jewellers that specialise in pink diamond jewellery.

Intricate Detailing

Finely crafted detailing is back with a bang, so expect to see classic baskets that house a central stone, with expertly made meshes and arrangements. This has to be done by hand, and if a skilled jeweller is at work, you can guarantee a stunning outcome.

Image Source: Pexels
The Oval Solitaire

The favoured setting for many women, and with a hidden halo, you have the perfect setting with a fine basket holding the large central diamond.

Coloured Clusters

One way of getting that big diamond sparkle is to carefully arrange many tiny stones, and with a few colours, you can really create an eye-catching ring. If the cut and the placement is right, the sparkle can be compared to a large single stone, which is what a skilled custom jeweller can achieve.


With perhaps the exception of rose gold, platinum is the metal of choice, as platinum never tarnishes and is extremely hard. It also has a sheen that works well with diamond sparkle. Thick bands with small diamonds inset will be a particular favourite, and a few emeralds are also popular.

Image Source: Unsplash

An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime item, and if you have the ring designed and hand-crafted, it will be something special to treasure forever and there is no other identical ring to the one that you design. Rather than approaching a traditional jeweller, you should be looking at diamond dealers, as they partner up with the best designers and can offer lower than retail prices, as you are buying from a wholesaler.

While the above styles will be seen this year, if you have your own idea, search for a good custom jeweller and tell them what you have in mind, plus they will work to your budget. Having a diamond ring designed and made is no more expensive than buying from a high street jeweller – something that many people don’t know. Design your own ring and then you make no compromises.


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