Everything Changed About Cleaning Once I Became Housekeeper for A Day

The idea to spend a day cleaning our household and its furnishings is something that haunts everyone.

Although, even after we know all the tricks regarding cleaning a household, the saying ’it is hard to practice what you preach’ fits in perfectly. So, today I decided to clean up my house and that includes cleaning, vacuuming and rinsing out everything that might be home to dust. So, in this article for Vacuum judge, we will discuss how cleaning for one day changed the way I treated the exercise of cleaning.

Everything changed about cleaning once I became housekeeper for a day
Everything changed about cleaning once I became housekeeper for a day
The rule of two trash bags in every room

Every room requires two trash bags, where one is for trash and the other is for linens. Start your day by getting rid of the trash bags. Once you through those out of the room get to the bed sheets and straighten it. Tuck the linens in the bed and use mattress for the support. And always remember, gloves are a must.

Start cleaning your room from the very end

It is a great way to clean your household by starting it from the ultimate end of the room. This way you can follow a pattern where you would not leave any dust particles in any area of the room. This pattern is practiced to avoid stepping over the wet floor. So, start at the far corner of the room and then follow it up by making the bed.

Bathroom odors issues go away gradually

It is true that bathroom odors are the ultimate reason why everyone hates to clean this area. But, once you make up your mind then odors will not bother you anymore. Sure, practicing this will take time and gradually you will be able to control it. So, hit some of your favorite high-beat track on your device and do this chore just like you do other household stuff.

The two sheet trick

Have you ever wondered why it feels so heavenly when you jump onto a hotel bed? The tightly-wrapped bed sheets are the trick to this soft feel. The trick behind this is that they use two identical top sheets instead of using a fitted sheet. To do this, first lay down both the sheet on the mattress and then tuck the sheets into the sides of the mattress such that no corner is left hanging. Now, pick up the comforter with the help of a duvet and rise it up and fold it in a semi-folded state.

Misted water is the ultimate solution to wrinkled linens

The issue of wrinkled linens is something that we all hate whole-heartedly. So, how can you smooth out your wrinkled bed sheets? Some might say iron or a steamer is useful in this task but trust me, the sheets won’t even budge with these. But, there is a secret weapon which is the ultimate tool to straighten the linens. Tap water is the penultimate solution to this problem. All you have to do is to sprinkle just a little tap water over the sheets. Now, use vertical hand movements until you see the creases in the right place. Once you get the creases to settle down, pull the comforter tightly. This will complete the task and everything will fit in their place.

Pillows say a lot of emotions

The position of the pillow contributes a lot of charm in the overall decorum of the room. And yes, there is a happy and sad state of presenting a pillow. You must be wondering about what are these things right! The happy and sad state is the way you present the pillows. Happy pillows are straightened up flat and sad pillows look messy and slouch down a little.

So, to achieve the happy position of the pillow, start with pressing the air out of the pillow. For this, you will have to use both of your hands. Start with placing both of your hands in the middle of the pillow and then slowly push them in opposite directions. Do this exercise until your pillow looks flat and thickness reduces to half as before.

Now, grab this flattened pillow from the top corner and place them right next to the frame of the bed. Do not lean in the pillow against the headboard otherwise; all these efforts will contribute to a sad pillow. Always remember that a happy pillow position is achieved when the pillow is standing tall against the headboard.

Inspect every aspect for the one last time

As by now you have covered almost every part of the room, this is the time to stand still and inspect for anything that is missed out. Again, start looking for any errors from the far corner of the room and follow it up by checking the Bathroom. Once these are done, offer a final look to the bed and check for any loose ends.


Everything Changed About Cleaning Once I Became Housekeeper for A Day


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