Earn AirAsia BIG Points with YouGov!

Ever wonder how to travel without paying a single cent for your airfare, well, except for tax and other charges? That’s possible using AirAsia BIG Points! Did you know that you can earn BIG Points just by answering surveys? Yes, that’s possible with YouGov!

Earn AirAsia BIG Points with YouGov!
Earn AirAsia BIG Points with YouGov!


I got a chance to travel to Macau and Hongkong using my AirAsia BIG points. You might be aware of the usual seat sales where you get to pay at a very low price in cash/credit. But do you know that you can actually get a very cheap roundtrip flight using points? Well, it’s quite seldom and you have to be keen on this members-only seat sale promos. YouGov helps you earn points for your dream travel while waiting for it.

I’m sharing with you another way to earn AirAsia BIG points that don’t need any purchase but only your participation in answering surveys! Ok, so this is not the answer to your immediate travel goals since you have to answer a lot of surveys to be able to redeem a whopping 2,500 BIG Points from YouGov. You need 5,000 YouGov points to have 2,500 BIG Points.

I’m a member since 2016 but not very active by then. I usually get an email from YouGov about new surveys. Each survey has different point values. These points get accumulated and can be redeemed once you reach a certain point value. As of date, I have answered 52 surveys and earned 3,740 YouGov points! I missed a lot of surveys but still be able to earn this much.

You can register at YouGov HERE and start earning for your future travel for free!

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