Honda Odyssey Oil Components Explained

Learn more about the oil components of your Honda Odyssey to enjoy improved fuel efficiency and long-lasting engine performance. Explore the basic components of your oil system, find out how to choose the right oil filter, and learn where to go for proper motor oil disposal.

Basic Components of Engine Oil

Your minivan uses motor oil and an oil filter to lubricate the moving components of its engine. Oil includes a number of additives designed to achieve the ideal viscosity at a range of temperatures. Cleaning agents in the oil help prevent debris, but over time your oil can still become contaminated.

Used engine oil typically becomes darker, thicker, and less efficient at coating moving parts. Be sure to change your oil and oil filter to prevent your engine from overheating or becoming damaged from too much friction.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Oil Filter

Oil filters come in a range of sizes and grades. It can be tempting to purchase the biggest, highest-grade filter to keep your oil pure for longer. This can be a mistake. Check your owner’s manual or ask a local auto store expert about Honda Odyssey oil filters. A higher grade filter may not allow you to go longer in between oil changes. Depending on the type of oil you use you may not need the additional filtration power.

Larger filters can use different filter media or bypass valves. While it may appear to fit your Odyssey, it may not allow proper flow of oil or it may allow too many contaminants to circulate in your oil system. Choose the exact size and specifications of the oil filter recommended by your manufacturer. Be sure it’s properly secured and leak-free. Most filters can be hand tightened, so follow the installation guide that comes with your filter.

How to Safely Dispose of Old Motor Oil

Did you know that oil can be recycled? Many states even require it by law. Old motor oil is a health hazard and environmental risk, so don’t simply dispose of it in your garbage or pour it down your drain. A single gallon of oil can compromise up to one million gallons of drinking water, so pouring oil on the ground or in a drain can be hazardous.
Recycling is a safe way to dispose of oil and it allows companies to filter, refine, and reuse this product in environmentally friendly ways. Ask local auto parts store professionals about a local recycling program. Many stores allow you to drop off motor oil for safe and efficient recycling. This is a convenient way to dispose of your old oil and pick up new oil at the same time.

Find the Auto Parts You Need

Learn more about essential Honda Odyssey auto parts today by stopping by your local auto parts store or by checking out an online store. Shop for parts specific to your Odyssey or find more information about preventative maintenance and environmentally friendly disposal of oil, batteries, and other hazardous automotive materials for a healthy, efficient vehicle and garage.



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