Asics Just Released a New Face Mask for Runners

Many people are uncertain of the rules for running and wearing face masks. The consensus is that a mask or face covering is only a requirement when you cannot obey safe social distancing. Thankfully, as most people run in parks and on trails, the concern over facial coverings is minimal; however, many states are mandating the use of masks even outdoors, especially when gathering in busy public spaces. The new regulations present several comfort issues for runners, especially when it comes to breathability. Thankfully, the men and ladies sports shoes company, Asics, has created a face mask with the Institute of Sport Science, specifically for the runner and athlete.

Sustainable Design

Asics shoes typically have a sustainable design, and the manufacturer didn’t see a reason to venture away from that trend. The new mask includes the use of over 30% recyclable materials. Beyond the materials, the covers are reusable and washable, meaning no more need for single-use face coverings. With the entire world being encouraged to wear facial protection, it isn’t surprising to see an increase in the litter of face masks. The new Asics mask can help reduce waste.

Comfit Fit

Typical masks and single-use coverings are designed with efficiency and productivity as the primary drivers, which means a focus on universal wear. Unfortunately, that means that masks do not fit all people well. Consider if companies made universal men’s shoes, the comfort and design would not suit every wearer. When manufacturers limit the adjustability of the fit, people may not have as much protection as they believe. The Asics mask uses an adjustable system, so your mask is unique to you.

Air Vents

Respirators get a bad rep in the current pandemic because they do not restrict the spread of droplets. However, that does not mean all vents are equal. The Asics design takes into account the concern of droplets and germ spread. They place the vents in the mask at the bottom of the chin, maintaining good airflow while reducing the risk of droplet spread.

More Room

Runners breathe very specifically to maximize oxygen intake and carbon dioxide expulsion. A standard mask can make routine breathing challenging because of the cramped muzzle. The reimagined face mask from Asics provides more room in the muzzle to allow for greater air circulation. The increased space also means that the wearer likely experiences less facial sweating during a run, making the entire activity more enjoyable.

Quick-Drying Fabric

The material of the new mask provides another excellent benefit to avid runners. It is a specialized quick-drying material that cools the air as it enters through the cover to create a more enjoyable running experience. Also, because it reduces heat and sweat, runners are less susceptible to heatstroke. Finally, the fabric, like other outstanding pieces of activewear, is quick-drying.

Asics Just Released a New Face Mask for Runners
The new Asics mask design creates an enjoyable experience for runners who need to wear masks, or who feel a cover is the safest way to operate.

The new Asics mask design creates an enjoyable experience for runners who need to wear masks, or who feel a cover is the safest way to operate. Unlike other universal masks, the Asics design allows for breathability, function and safety. If you would like more information about the release of the mask, consider contacting a local retailer.


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