A Toast to Remember at Cafe Minou, Art in Island

I never thought a toast can be this good.
Banana Flambe, Double Cheese, Apple Cinnamon - The Toasts to Remember. PHOTO BY April Tayas
Banana Flambe, Double Cheese, Apple Cinnamon – The Toasts to Remember. PHOTO BY April Tayas

I’ve eaten only one kind of toast all my life. It was delicious as is, much more when you add butter and honey. It was simple, barely for your regular morning breakfast. But for a special event like the Wishcard Blogger’s Meet, Cafe Minou located inside Art in Island serve each of us a toast to remember.

Cafe Minou serves coffee, ice cream, drinks and extra special toasts. The best sellers are Banana Flambe, Double Cheese and Apple Cinnamon. We are very lucky to have a taste of these yummy-looking toasts!

Cafe Minou
Cafe Minou. PHOTO BY Sabrina Andres

Now, which do you think tastes better? 🙂

Cafe Minou served us random flavors and Chell can’t help but notice why ours are too visually appealing compared to hers. April and I suddenly got curious and came up to the idea that “yeah, yours might look simple but it might taste better”. That’s when we started to taste each toast.

Banana Flambe

This one is your choice if you have a sweet tooth. The sweet taste lies in the combination of caramelized banana, cinnamon, nuts and whipped cream. Your kids will surely love this!

Apple Cinnamon

This toast incorporates the taste of cinnamon and blueberry cheesecake. This is the best choice for those who don’t want their food to taste too sweet. Titas and young Titas of Manila, like me, will love this! Served with caramelized apples, blueberry and syrup on top of whipped cream.

Double Cheese

Looks simple, but hey, it tastes really good! It’s like all the good things are inside the toast! It is covered with cheese and stuffed with melted cheese in the core. I hear angels singing as my taste buds indulge in this toast!

Overall, the toasts taste good but still depends on your preference. Too bad, I haven’t tried their coffee. Since this cafe is inside Art in Island, do not expect a quiet ambience because kids can come running to and from the area. There are plenty of seats for everyone and they have long tables for sharing. The price is quite expensive but the food is really worth the price. They have accomodating staff ready to serve you.

Visit Art in Island at 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila and don’t forget to have a toast to remember at Cafe Minou.

Check out Art in Island’s Facebook page for more info at https://www.facebook.com/artinisland/

Thanks Sab and April for the photos. Tagging Malou and Riks.

Have you been to this place? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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