9 Important Coverage to Look for When Buying A Car Insurance in the Philippines | Best Car Insurance in the Philippines

Owning a car is a liability. Nevertheless, owning one turns out to be a need more than a luxury.

9 Important Coverage to Look for When Buying A Car Insurance in the Philippines
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A lot of people purchased a car this year for business purposes and to get away from the worsening situation of commuters in the Philippines.

Because owning a car is starting to become an investment, we have to make sure that our car is secured, protected and ready for unforeseen events. This can be resolved by having car insurance which is actually one of the requirements when buying a car in the Philippines. What should we look for when we avail car insurance, then?

The insurance provider should be able to help you immediately in case your car gets stolen or damaged.

Car insurance ensures that you are given immediate help whenever you encounter accidents and unforeseen events. Getting caught in an accident or worst, it gets stolen is one big problem that you wouldn’t want to deal with. Time and money will be wasted if the problem is not resolved immediately. Your provider should be reliable and trusted when it comes to insurance claims.

Your car insurance should be able to compensate for third party liability.

Aside from the damage caused to your car, we are also responsible for the persons and properties affected in an accident. There should be a reasonable amount allotted to for this in your car insurance.

You and your passengers should be protected as well.

The driver and the passengers should also be protected and covered. Each one should be insured and compensated for medication inflicted by an accident.

The car should be protected from the force of nature or act of God.

These are inevitable situations that can devastate your properties. Your car insurance should be able to cover damages directly caused by earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, hurricane, etc.

The car should be protected from damages inflicted by riot, strike and any kind of commotion.

There are instances that one might get caught in the middle of a riot, strike or commotion. When it gets out of control, you might find your car scratched, beaten or broken to pieces. This should be covered by your car insurance as well.


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Standard car accessories should be covered.

Most of the time, accessories like mags, aircon units, audio player and speakers are stolen and should be covered by your car insurance.

Other accessories can be covered as well.

You should be able to declare other valuable accessories for insurance.

The insured should be compensated while the car is still undergoing accident-related repairs.

It takes time to finish accident-related repairs. Hence, it will help a lot if we can get at least a transportation allowance to compensate for the trouble.

The insurance company should have a lot of accredited repair shops.

There should be a repair shop available to cater you wherever you are. It is best when the insurance company has a lot of partners offering exclusive deals for policyholders.

These are the important car insurance coverage that you would like to inquire in different car insurance companies. While some might seem cheaper than others, one should be very keen on every detail of the insurance coverage to make sure that we get what we expect from it. Not all insurance companies have these options but in case you haven’t heard, Malayan Insurance Automaster car insurance covers all of these and is one of the best car insurance in the Philippines. They offer a free quotation to give you the right coverage you need with a reasonably priced offer.

To learn more about Malayan Automaster, visit the link below. You will find the details about each coverage and you might just get all you need for a quote.




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