7 Local Brands Selling Eco-friendly Products in the Philippines

Eco-friendly living is more than just hype.

News all over the world is showing how devastated our marine wildlife is. Social media groups started to expose how plastic polluted our land has become. In the Philippines, numerous efforts by non-government and government agencies come hand in hand to reduce this problem. These include the rehabilitation of different areas and educating people to reduce plastic pollution. We can be part of this revolution by starting to make a difference in ourselves. Changing the way we live towards a plastic-free, zero-waste, and eco-friendly lifestyle can help spread the word and inspire.

Part of my advocacy is to spread awareness about plastic pollution and eco-friendly living by using sustainable products. Almost 90% of people surrounding me, every day, don’t give a damn in segregating and reducing plastic use. That’s when I realized that being an example is more viral than any post in social media. This doesn’t require a drastic change. Little by little, we’ll get there.

Reusing what we have is always the best option. Once these reusable items are worn out, the next step is to choose eco-friendly sustainable products. Organic and fresh produce are good choices, too. Choosing these products over processed food help us become healthy with fewer preservatives and less production of plastic packaging.

There are few shops in the Philippines selling these kinds of product, so here’s a list to help you start moving and take part in this revolution.

7 Local Brands Selling Eco-friendly Products in the Philippines

Refill ‘N Beyond

Refill ‘N Beyond is a package-free store that promotes awareness and sustainable living thru selling organic and homemade products like fabric conditioner, shampoo, bath gel, cookies, and more. It is the first brainchild of a family who was inspired by one of their trips where a bunch of plastics and food waste caused a major disaster. They started becoming more earth conscious and decided to alleviate the waste and plastic issue we are currently facing, one refill at a time. They do business through partnerships with brands and some of them acquired Refill ‘N Beyond to be their mainstay concessionaire.

GOOD NEWS! I’m bringing Refill ‘N Beyond’s Liquid Dish Soap at Harvest Marketplace’ Summer Samahan Bazaar on April 26-28!


MOBILE: 0927 885861

FB: Refill ‘N Beyond

IG: refillnbeyond

Location: Tagaytay/Eastwood City Libis

PHOTOS: Refill N’ Beyond FB Page


Fetch Naturals

Fetch Naturals is a homegrown brand that is first and the only one in the country to create a complete Pet Care System entirely out of 100% Neem Extract.

Neem extract is primarily used to repel fleas and other parasites and to treat insect bites and skin conditions like mange. It is also known for its moisturizing & anti-inflammatory properties. Aside from Neem, they also have Jicama (singkamas) variant that helps brighten the coat and boost skin moisture. It also helps in skin regeneration. These products are non-toxic, FDA registered and formulated to human standards while remaining pH balanced for dogs, cats, and furry friends.

GOOD NEWS! I’m bringing Fetch Naturals Neem and Jicama shampoo at Harvest Marketplace’ Summer Samahan Bazaar on April 26-28!

EMAIL: hello@fetchnaturals.com

FB: Fetch

IG: fetchnaturals

Location: 3rd floor Builders Centre, 170 Salcedo St, Legaspi Village Makati

WEBSITE: https://www.fetchnaturals.com/

PHOTOS: Fetch Naturals FB Page


Humble Market

Humble Market enables holistic wellness & sustainable living by providing awareness & access to affordable products good for our health & environment. Their products include all-natural food, home, personal care and foodware products, package-free/bulk or in sustainable packaging. I got my reusable facial wipes from this shop. 🙂

EMAIL: hello@humblemarket.ph

CONTACT: (02) 506 1464

FB: humble market

IG: humblemarketph

Location: YDG Coffee, Mandala Park, Mandaluyong

WEBSITE: https://www.humblemarket.ph/

PHOTOS: Humble Market FB Page


The Bamboo Company

The Bamboo Company is an eco-friendly start-up aiming to preserve the most cherished memories of beauty and cleanliness in the Philippines by reducing plastic wastes and providing an environment-friendly lifestyle of exploring the world. Their vision is to have clean water around the Philippines where marine life can thrive peacefully and live unharmed by plastic wastes. I won a bamboo tumbler and toothbrush from their giveaway last year. That moment marks my eco-friendly living switch. Right now, I’m curious about their minty flavored bamboo charcoal floss.

EMAIL: thebamboocompanyph@gmail.com

FB: The Bamboo Company

IG: thebamboocompany

WEBSITE: https://www.thebamboocompany.ph/

PHOTOS: The Bamboo Company FB Page

Eco Switch Shop

The Eco Switch Shop is the home of coconut husk cleaning tools crafted in Batangas. It is like your one-stop shop for wooden kitchen and food wares.

IG: ecoswitchshop

PHOTO: Eco Switch Shop IG


Echostore Sustainable Lifestyle

Echostore Sustainable Lifestyle is another one-stop shop for your eco-friendly products and organic, local food. I bought products from this shop and their Echo Pop Lip Balm is one of my staples. The nearest one for me is at the Podium Mall.

EMAIL: echostore@echostore.ph

FB: EchoStore

IG: echostore

Location: Salcedo Vill, Makati, Podium Mall, Serendra, Centris QC, Davao, Cebu, CDO

WEBSITE: http://www.echostore.ph

PHOTO: Echostore IG



Refuse Philippines aims to give consumers a greener alternative for frequently purchased goods and long-term use items. Their products are locally produced sustainable goods such as household and other personal necessities. These are produced by local makers and brands who are passionate about their individual crafts sharing the same vision for the environment. This one is near the South and I’m checking out this shop real soon! *excited*

EMAIL: refuseph@gmail.com

FB: RefusePH

IG: refuseph

Location: Pop Culture, 2nd Flr Alabang Town Center

There you have it, I’m sure these are not the only eco-friendly shops we have in the Philippines. They may be a little harder to find but what matters is they exist! The only thing left is for us to take our part in this journey – to preserve the planet we all call home.


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7 thoughts on “7 Local Brands Selling Eco-friendly Products in the Philippines

  • April 21, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Eco friendly products are reaally a must buy now a days❤️ Love mother Earth!

    • April 21, 2019 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks for the love! Little by little, we can do this!

  • April 21, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    I love how brands start to promote and sell eco-friendly products in PH and how Filipinos start to understand the importance of using these materials to lessen the usage of plastic! ♥

    • April 21, 2019 at 2:22 pm

      We all should. I’m glad this is happening. The damage in the environment is really scary.

  • April 23, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    wow!!! we really need to move away from all the plasticity (literally and figuratively)… good to know there are local brands offering these products, we can support local businesses and more importantly save the environment!!! oh it’s economical too!

  • November 27, 2020 at 1:13 am

    We should really start using eco-friendly products instead of plastics and also, start supporting local products in that way we can save our environment and ourselves too. ❤


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