How Tires Impact Your ATV and UTV Ride

Who knew the point where the rubber meets the road involved so many choices? There are a number of measurements, materials and tread types available for your UTV or ATV tires. The wrong size won’t fit your ride, and the wrong tread type won’t provide the aggressive traction you need for your next adrenaline-fueled ride. Explore the ways that tires impact your ride today.

Why You Should Buy Specialized ATV Tires

A general tire type may offer you average traction, lifetime and protection for your four-wheeled ride, but it won’t give you the professional edge you need. From sand dunes to muddy backwood trails, specialized tires protect your axle, clutch, drive belt and suspension system from unnecessary wear.

They also give you the unbeatable traction you deserve. Paddle-like tread on mud and sand tires won’t get you very far on asphalt, but it’s a perfect feature for blasting around sand dunes.

If you think specialized tires represent a significant investment, then consider the differences in lifetime and performance. Using the wrong tires on the wrong route can cause premature wear on the tread itself, but also on other major components.

How To Choose the Right ATV or UTV Tire for the Job

Start your ATV or UTV tire search by inspecting your rig and your rims. UTV rims come in a number of diameter sizes. You can’t just get by with slightly larger or smaller tire size, so be sure you purchase the exact dimensions for your vehicle. Taller tires offer more clearance and a higher gear ratio. The clearance can be critical, but some situations may be better handled with smaller wheels.

ATV UTV tires
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Next, check out some of the most common types available online. These tire types keep you moving forward in any weather or trail type:

  • All-terrain
  • Racing
  • Mud
  • Sand

All-terrain treads are the average type that usually comes stock on your UTV and ATV. They’re perfect for mild dirt trails and gravel driving. A little mud or soft-packed dirt won’t hurt them, but excessively wet conditions are best handled by mud tires.

Racing tires offer a great grip and tight turning for those speedy turns. They’re designed specifically for race tracks, so hard-packed trails are where they come into their own. Loose or muddy conditions aren’t a great place for these tires to shine.

Fly through a mud pit with the large lugs and void spaces of a set of mud tires. Not only do these treads self-clean, but they’re also aggressive enough to cling to any form of traction in the softest, muddiest conditions.

A shifting sand dune requires the most unique tread design. Scoop-like lugs with extra-large voids help you get a grip in the soft sand of a beachside or sand dune drive.

Pick Up a Set of Tires Today

Create memories off the road with one or more of these specialized tire types. The tread style and size of your power sports tires make a significant difference in the overall performance of your ride. Shop for UTV, ATV or motorcycle tires for sale online to get great deals on dependable tread types.


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