How to Get the Most Out of the Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul

Manila Sundance Bazaar is back at the Megatrade Hall 1 from March 2-4 with it’s MSB Haul –  fit everything you can for only 299! Here’s a guide on how you can get the most out of it!

Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul
Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul

The much awaited come back of the Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul started yesterday, not just with fashion apparels but now with shoes, cosmetics and mobile accessories all up for grabs!

Here’s the schedule of each participating brands.

I researched every participating brand to ensure a smooth registration process. I chose Stripes and Solid and Chedelyn Cosmetics because I wanted to buy office clothes and of course a beauty haul! This is my first time so I’m very excited.

Here’s the mechanics for the haul:

Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul mechanics
Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul mechanics

So, How Do You Get the Most Out of the Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul?

  1. Register early. Take note of your chosen brand’s schedule for the haul.
    • Ask for the specific place where your chosen brand’s haul will take place. Some of them are placed away from the brand’s stall.
  2. Be in the haul venue EARLY.
    • Like for example, Chedelyn Cosmetics will ask all participants to fall in line for the (scooping) haul while other fashion brands don’t.
  3. Scout for the items that you want to get early on so you can have a smooth hauling process.
    • Strategically plan or estimate if the pieces will fit in your bag. Try to think about getting that dress and maybe get another two (2) pieces.
    • You either aim to get a lot or to get everything you want. The pieces don’t really count as long as it fits the ziplock bag.
  4. Use your travel-light folding/packing strategies here!
    • Maximize the zip lock space but be wary that you need to close the bag to be able to get them all.
  5. Watch how others do the trick. Do it or have your own better version. 😉
  6. Make value for money.
    • If you find yourself stuck with two pieces and you’re not happy with that, don’t settle and get another piece! Remember, you paid 299 for that. Think as if every piece is at 50% off its SRP.

The Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul is a nice experience for me though I don’t really feel like I got the most out of my 299. But really, this is a nice opportunity to get items at a discounted price. I’m thinking about buying lots from there and reselling them after. So grabbing the haul and getting the items you don’t feel like wearing but really looks great is OK.

You can also find a lot of brands inside selling at a huge discount. I found stalls and other interesting products that you should check out!

So, what are you waiting for, hope this helps you to get the most out of Manila Sundance Bazaar 299 Fashion Haul!

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