Achieve Natural Looking Brows with BROW CODE’s Microblading Services

Kilay is life and time is gold. This is why microblading services gained the attention of celebrities and artists alike to achieve perfect brows, day and night, without the fuss of retouching.

Brow Code Microblading (Model: Yang De Castro)
Brow Code Microblading (Model: Yang De Castro)

Microblading is a tattooing technique with the use of a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles to add semi-permanent pigments in the skin. Ok, the moment you read this I can see you cringe while having second thoughts about trying the procedure. But we are very lucky to witness how this procedure is done at Brow Code‘s pre-launch last February 3, 2019, and this will change the way you think about it.

Brow Code
Brow Code

Brow Code is a brow studio owned and managed by an International trained artist who was under James Olaya and David Brow‘s wings, the godfather of microblading. While there’s a lot of microblading services offered in the market, I’ll share with you what makes Brow Code‘s services unique and worth trying.

No frame, nanoneedle for natural-looking brows

Rest assured your brows will look natural and precise with Brow Code‘s unique microblading technique. The artists have mastered taking measurements based on the person’s facial symmetry and precisely mimic the true diameter and dimension of real hair with the use of ultra-fine and flexible nanoneedle microblading. The pigments used are organic and royal David Browart pigments.

Read more on how to Enhance Your Eyebrows with Brow Code’s Microblading Services.

To avail of this service, call them for inquiries and follow their social media accounts.

You may also avail of Brow Code’s Glutathione Drip & Push, LashLift, Semi-permanent Tattoo, and Hair & Makeup Services.

I’m looking forward to availing Brow Code’s Gluta Drip. I was not able to try it at the pre-launch because I have my period. Yes, that’s not allowed. I’ll share with you my experience soon, so watch out for that!

The pre-launch event was sponsored by Conscents PH and ELKE by Evetag .

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ELKE by Evetag

What service would you like to avail at Brow Code and why? Share it in the comments!



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