Cashless Transactions Using Beep Card Made Easy by

I thought of buying my morning coffee using my Beep card.

Check your Beep card balance via
Check your Beep card balance via

It’s very handy having a Beep card when you are always on commute via MRT. But lately, IMO, it is more convenient to take the bus to get to your destination in no time. MRT is faster but its either full or arrives 30 minutes after the last train.

Aside from that, you can also use the Beep card to pay convenient stores like FamilyMart and San Mig Food Ave. I had a chance to buy my morning coffee using my Beep card today.

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You can check the balance of your Beep card by tapping on the machine near the cashier or you can use the new feature of mobile app. To use this feature, you have to turn on your mobile’s NFC and enable access to your location (using wifi or mobile network).

After checking your balance, you can start to load your Beep card by choosing or specifying the amount. To complete the process, you need to place your card at the back of your phone to connect via NFC.

Reload your Beep card via
Reload your Beep card via

My Beep card saved me from being cashless and was able to buy my coffee today. It took me a minute to load my Beep card via I find it very convenient if you don’t have cash on hand or you have no time to withdraw from your accounts. The cons is that it requires you to be connected via wifi or mobile network and your phone should have NFC feature to complete the process.

In any case, the reload fails, there is a refund button to get you money back to your PHP wallet.

Overall, I was able to purchase my coffee and I appreciate this innovation made by in partnership with Beep.

Hope this helps! 😉

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