DIY No Bake Crunch Bars by Four Plan DIY Food Kits


Baking has been one of my frustration since childhood. I’m very excited to learn about Flour Plan DIY Food Kits’ no bake recipes and immediately decided to try out one of them. Today, I’m going to share with you my attempt to create a No Bake Crunch Bar. The sealed package contains the ingredients, the instructions, and some baking materials needed for the recipe.

DIY No Bake Crunch Bar

I chose the Crunch Bar because it seems like the easiest to make. As a beginner, that is something that I consider because I don’t want to mess up that much, just in case.

The first step is to prepare the ingredients and the materials needed. There’s not much but really this is the first stage of getting nervous. We don’t have baking pans, I have to run to the nearest supermarket to get one. I’m not really sure if the pans are microwaveable, my cousin decided to let me borrow me his bowl. To melt the chocolate chips, I used the microwave for one and 1/2 minutes and followed the next instructions.


I immediately added the rice krispies and start mixing. Next is to spread it evenly in the baking pan covered with parchment paper. I did it!


Overall the experience is great! I’m thankful to find Flour Plan DIY Food Kits for giving a first timer like me a smooth no bake DIY experience.

They have a lot of DIY Food Kits to choose from. Here’s where to find them:

Have you tried any DIY No Bake recipe? Share your experience in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “DIY No Bake Crunch Bars by Four Plan DIY Food Kits

  1. To be honest I have never thought of using the microwave to melt chocolate. I do it the “traditional” way: some water in a little sauce pan and then put the chocolate in to melt at low heat.
    Congratulations for doing this!

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