Why TINTA ng Pak Awra Is Your Next Best Lip Tint?

My lips are naturally dry, my day won’t be complete without applying a lip balm. But when I tried TINTA ng Pak Awra, I finally found the lip tint for me.

Why TINTA ng Pak Awra Is Your Next Best Lip Tint?
Why TINTA ng Pak Awra Is Your Next Best Lip Tint?

I’m very skeptical when it comes to lip products. I don’t dive in with the hype because my main concern is simply to moisturize my lips and make it look naturally red.

TINTA ng Pak Awra is made with natural and organic ingredients, long lasting with no bitter taste. That’s what’s written in the label. So, let’s try it and see if it’s true to its claims and whatnot.

Pak Awra sent me two shades: Kyat Kyat and Galit na Galit. Kyat Kyat, named after the “Mandarin Orange”, has a red-orange shade. Galit na Galit, on the other hand, has a blood-red shade.

I doubt that Kyat Kyat will look good on me since it has a lighter shade (and my lips are quite dark and pale) while I’m still optimistic that Galit na Galit shade will still be appropriate if worn in the office.


TINTA ng Pak Awra lip tint comes in a sealed roll-on bottle. It effectively controls leak after shaking or using the product. The lip tint, despite being a gel type, doesn’t get dry easily with this kind of packaging.


After applying the tints, the pigment is absorbed deeper into my inner lips creating a gradient look. I had quite a hard time to make the tint settle on my outer lips that’s smoother and unfortunately darker. The tint will stay longer if you don’t lick your lips. It is easily transferred to food and cups. Hence, leaving a bit of color on your lips.

No bitter taste

True to its claims. The lip tint tastes sweet with a decent scent.

Gentle on lips

This is something I observed while using TINTA ng Pak Awra lip tints. I had an allergy before I tried the tints. It may not have enough moisturizing properties but at least it helped to heal my lips from the allergy. It’s not super drying compared to other lip tints. My lips felt dry but it’s not chapping. To add a little shine and moisturizing effect, I applied Lucas Papaw or my favorite balm on top.

My Thoughts

I prefer Galit na Galit shade over Kyat Kyat because it looks better on my lips. My personal choice is Dalaginding and Bruhilda but surprisingly I love Galit na Galit! Since this shade is blood-red, the “red” shade might lessen but it will eventually turn into natural pink. That’s exactly what I want to achieve!

So far, this is the best lip tint for me because it has healing properties and it doesn’t make my lips chap!

TINTA ng Pak Awra lip tints costs Php 150.00. You can order online by sending a message on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/paknapakawrahan/) and follow them on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pak_awra/) for promos and updates.

UPDATE: The company decided to have a new business name Mermaid Cosmetics PH.





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