Period? Worry no more, your Girlfriend will save the day!

Feel fresh and experience the benefits of negative ions (anions) made affordable with Girlfriend Anion Pads!

What is Anion?

Negative Ions are the substance known as the “Vitamins of the Air”. Anions or negative ions effectively suppress the survival and multiplication of bacteria and viruses. In general, they are known to strengthen the immunity, enhance metabolism, remove fatigue, and assists the return to hormonal balance.

Girlfriend Anion Pads
Girlfriend Anion Pads
About Girlfriend Anion Pads

The Girlfriend Ultra Pads offers Multiple layers of comfort and protection. On top is the Premium Cotton Surface, which gives comfort and softness like no other. Beneath it is an Antibacterial Surface which effectively provides extra protection against bacteria causing skin diseases and vaginal itching. An Absorption Layer locks moisture in while maintaining the surface dry. To further improve comfort, a Breathable Base Layer gets rid of heat and moisture for a fresh feeling. This is followed by a BlueCore LiquiStrap Science – (Absorbs in Seconds) which enhances protection against liquid outflow. And finally, on the bottom is a Carefully Designed Back Adhesive which allows normal movement without discomfort.

Girlfriend Anion Pads comes in two variants:

  • Cottony Soft  Day Use  240mm (Blue)
  • Cottony Soft Night Use 280mm (Pink)

I got a chance to try Cottony Soft  Day Use  240mm (Blue) and Cottony Soft Night Use 280mm (Pink) after winning Shopee x Girlfriend Pads promo. I’ll share with you my experience using Girlfriend Pads.

Premium Cottony Surface – for ultra-comfortable feeling

Girlfriend pads definitely made me feel like wearing nothing at all! It’s super thin but it doesn’t feel annoying like ordinary slim pads. It provides perfect fit and doesn’t bulge.

Yet, if you used the pad for more than the recommended 3-4 hours, the cotton pad tend to fluff.

Anti-Bacterial -Negative Ion reduce chances of developing bacterial causing diseases

I’m not sure if I have to associate this with anion, but I feel better during the days I am wearing Girlfriend pads. But I know for a fact that I did not encounter itching and experience exuding foul odor. I tried using the pad for more than the recommended 3-4 hours to check how it goes, but please, follow it. The next few lines are some of the reasons why.

Anion strip inside
Anion strip inside
Super Absorbent –Dual leak lock system for rapid fluid absorption.

It’s super absorbent with it’s 3x more absorbent feature. Of course, menstual blood clots are an exception to this. I can use one Day Use pad for the whole day despite being slim. Even the sides are super absorbent to prevent leaks.

I suggest you use the Night Use pads at night to help you get through the sudden blood rush in the morning. It’s super absorbent that your heavy flow doesn’t look and feel like it.

Unscented Freshness – Free of artificial scents and fragrances

It’s unscented and surprisingly doesn’t exude foul odor! Other pads, when used for a long time, start to exude its scent with foul odor over time. This somewhat locks up or prevents foul odor that will definitely help you feel more confident and forget about your period.

Breathable Back Sheet – To keep you fresh and cool all day

The pad feels light and doesn’t feel damp despite wearing it for a long time. Other slim pads and pantyliners tend to leak at the bottom.

Innovative Adhesive Wings – Hold tightly to prevent side leakage

This is the feature that I guess is intended to be beneficial but overly done. It holds really REALLY tight, too tight that the wings stick and become hard to peel off the undies. I hope they can improve on this one, else I’ll try to find out a way more efficient than hand washing just to remove the wings.

Girlfriend Pads is FDA approved with quality assurance. It is a revolutionary sanitary napkin made of 100% pure cotton with Anion Inside. Cotton being an organic ingredient is safe to use and reduce the chances of developing bacterial causes diseases.

Girlfriend Pads are available at Robinsons Supermarket and Lazada.


What Are Anions?

Lazada: Girlfriend Pads

Have you tried anion pads? Share your experience in the comments section!



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