The Real Basics to Achieve Beautiful Korean Skin

We are all fascinated by how to achieve beautiful Korean skin. A lot of products in the market promise to give you the skin you’ve been dreaming of. Have you ever felt like you bought all of these but nothing seems to work? Maybe, you missed the basics.

I’ll share with you some of the basic Korean routines, something they do in their daily lives that contributed to their healthy beautiful skin.

Listen to the ‘call of nature’… and follow it. 🙂 

The more you drink water, the more frequent your restroom visits will be. The more you drink water, the more dewy and hydrated your skin will be. This will also boost the effectiveness of your skin care products with glutathione and collagen.


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Regular bowel movement means you release toxins that cause negative effects on the body and skin. Toxins that might cause diarrhea, for instance, leaves you dull and dry skin. So, don’t hate it if you feel like going to the restroom to release, not only you will feel relief, your skin will also thank you for it. You might also want to opt for food and drinks with probiotics to keep your gut healthy.


Start by:

  • Eating a balanced meal (reminds me of bento meals)
  • Drinking Yakult (healthy ka ba tyan?)
  • Trying supplements with probiotics (I tried Atomy Probiotics, PM me for more info)

Eat more fish (skin) and bone broth

Collagen is abundant in fish skin, so eat lots of fish! You may also opt for supplements with marine collagen. They also come in collagen drinks or in powder form. High collagen intake is one of the reasons for having beautiful Korean skin.


Bone broth is also rich in collagen. They usually serve meals with hot soup of beef, chicken or fish broth.

Start by:

  • Having fish as part of your daily meal, make sure to eat the skin.
  • Include a cup of bone broth soup in your meal.
  • Take collagen supplements.

Eat fruits for dessert

Yes, they don’t usually eat sweets and bread instead they are more used to eating fresh fruits.

Start by:

  • Eating fruits for dessert. I’d love to have watermelon this summer.


Less alcohol

They do this occasionally. Less alcohol and sugar will make sure your liver is in good condition to help in the healing process of the body.

Start by:

  • Trying to lessen your alcohol intake. This includes cola. T_T


Drink filtered water and tea

This is all about consuming clean water free of toxins and drinking tea to help flush out toxins in the body. Doing so will result in smooth glowing skin.

Start by:

  • Using a water filter or boil the water before drinking.
  • Drinking tea 2 hours before or after a meal or before going to sleep. It’s summer, drink up to 3 cups daily.

Sleep and relax

We all know the benefits of 7-8 hours of sleep but me myself is guilty of not doing it (I’m doing it from now on!). Our body restores and repairs during sleep.

Relax. Stress is always there, give time to relax and help yourself from deterioration.

Start by:

  • Getting more hours of sleep. If you are currently sleeping for 4 hours (suggested minimum), add another hour gradually.
  • Have a break if you’re having a hard time at work. Go out, walk, or chat with friends. I’m sure you will figure out the solution to the problem you’ve been thinking of for hours in a few minutes.

Exfoliate and remove “ddeh”

Koreans spend hours in bathhouses and saunas to exfoliate their skin with exfoliating mitts every week. They do this to remove ddeh (residual, dead skin cells, in Filipino: libag)  by scrubbing off their skin resulting in pilling dirt and dead cells. In the Philippines, we use bato (pumice stone) or loofah to get the same effect. Do this after soaking your skin in water to ensure that your skin becomes soft. The Korean washcloth comes in different colors indicating degrees of strength. This could be the reason why Korean skin is ‘oh so smooth and light’!

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Start by:

  • Getting yourself a loofah, or bato, and scrub away. Well, I think it’s nice to try out the Korean mitts. 😀

Wear sunblock and always have an umbrella in handy.

Well, this is self-explanatory. After doing all of these skin care regimens, you don’t want to put them all to waste. Wear sunblocks and get your skin protected from the sun. If you’re going for a walk, bring an umbrella. Some umbrellas have UV protection sheets, opt for this one. Avoid too much sun exposure.

Start by:

  • Using a lotion with sunscreen and UV protection
  • Always have an umbrella in handy. USE IT.

Seh-Su – Wash your face and hands

Seh-Su is something that everyone should do before going to bed. Remove your make up and wash your face. This is often missed but please wash your face and let it breathe.

Start by:

  • Make washing your face before bedtime a habit.


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