REVIEW | Anti-Eyeging by Skin Genie – Soothing and Moisturizing Eye Cream

Do you always stay up late and suffer from tired itchy eyes the next morning? Or worst you wake up with panda-like dark circles under your eyes? This should not stop us from giving our best during the day whether at work or while dealing with clients. Anti-Eyeging by Skin Genie, a soothing and moisturizing eye cream with a roller tip, will save you from all of these!

I’m working in front of my laptop for eight hours a day in the office. I’m not able to get a nap during lunchtime either. There are times that I was not able to wash my face at night because my eyes hurt and they really feel sleepy and tired. Thus, my eyes need a lot of rest and relaxation to avoid tired itchy eyes that could add up to stress or lessen my productivity. I’m receiving emails from BeautyMNL and found this product on a great deal. Just the right time to try it out!

Skin Genie offers a range of whitening and anti-aging products that cater to different beauty needs. Using only skin-loving ingredients, the brand provides a safe and gentle line of all-natural beauty solutions. Skin Genie products are suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types.

Anti-Eyeging claims to help reduce lines and crow’s feet with its handy ball tip that stimulates circulation and combats puffiness. It also minimizes the appearance of dark circles; smoothens skin and restores a soft, youthful tone to the delicate eye area.


Hydrogel, Lipowax cream, Panthenol, Placenta, Cucumber extract, Vitamin E, Gingerol, and Arbutin


Apply evenly and thinly around the eyes at night time. No need to wipe off excess.


I haven’t heard of this brand before I purchase the product but it felt like its worth trying. Of course, the eye area is delicate and you can’t blame me to be a little skeptical to put it on. The first time I tried it is when I had to stay up late and have an appointment the next morning. This will surely test the product. I followed the instruction and applied it after cleansing my face before sleeping. My eyes felt light, moisturized and instantly relieved from eye strain. I was still able to do stuff with my phone before I sleep. The next day, my eyes don’t feel tired, rather it looks lively without dark circles. The effect lasted the whole day! Anti-Eyeging is very reliable when you need it most!


Lessen puffiness 


Relieves tired eyes 

Remove dark circles 

Reduce lines and crow’s feet 



I’m amazed at how it soothes the eyes and keep it moisturized all night. The best part is that the soothing effect lasts ’til the next day. My eyes don’t feel tired even if I’m sleepy. I usually earn eye bags than dark circles, but usually, it does appear later on once I feel sleepy. I’m amazed that this product does not let this happen. I might feel sleepy but my eyes never looked tired or stressed.

Well, the puffiness lessens a bit but I can still see the lines drawing a big circle under my eye when I smile. I can still see my crow’s feet. I think this will work with getting enough sleep. In my case, I’m always staying up late and the benefit that this product gives me is enough for my needs. I’ll continue to use this product to see if these areas would still improve.

You can get Anti-Eyeging from BeautyMNL at 150PHP.

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