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My eyes start to gleam whenever I see the word “collagen” in every product or advertising I see on my Facebook feed. A sponsored post by TruLife came across my feed and I got really interested with TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins.
I tried joining their contest but I wasn’t lucky enough to win. After a long wait, BeautyMNL had a promo and I finally had the chance to try it.


TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins in the Philippines

TruLife is a modern day food and health supplement brand that aims to answer the health and lifestyle needs of today’s society. Developing products that contain the best of natural and western ingredients, to produce optimal results for targeted body function. It is clinically proven to increase the skin’s moisture level by 50% and 13% decrease in UV spot in as short as 10 days. Its active ingredients are set to rejuvenate the skin providing it with a youthful glow.

TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins is the result of an intensive research and development in Singapore. It contains high marine collagen content with essential vitamins for healthy skin. This targets affected cells to slow down ageing, repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Dylan Hu, the founder and director of Poli Medical Trading (TruLife’s manufacturer) believes that TruLife’s product quality and efficacies are integral to the company’s growth and customer’s trust and faith; hence it is a top priority in quality assurance.

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Ingredients and Suggested Use
Ingredients and Suggested Use
My Experience with TruLife Collagen Plus Vitamins

It is recommended that you try this product for 7 to 10 days, 1 bottle daily to see the best results. Yet, I am only able to try two bottles. I tried taking this in two consecutive nights without using any other supplement.

This supplement tastes and smells like pineapple. Its consistency is not too thick and not watery. You can’t finish a bottle in one go. For me, it tastes good, if you’ve tried collagen supplements before and you know how it smells, this drink has a bit of this taste but you’d feel more like drinking a Vitamin C syrup.

Your skin will feel smooth and healthy after a few minutes of taking this supplement. The feeling lasted all night long. There is no significant change in my skin the next day.

This is the only result I had for 2 nights of taking it. So, yeah you should try taking this for at least 7 -10 days.

It is quite expensive and I thought that buying one bottle at 200PHP for a day’s consumption would stash a lot of cash from my pocket. That’s a total of 6,000PHP in a month!
Will I buy it?

Yes, because you’ll get immediate results compared to other supplements; but no, because it’s too expensive for me. If you have a lot of cash for your daily dose of collagen, take it. I’ll give it an 8/10.

Have you tried taking this supplement? Share your experience in the comments below.


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