REVIEW | Rraw Vodka and Lime Crush Face Scrub

Clean, pure exfoliation and silky soft skin. Rraw Vodka and Lime Crush Face Scrub is packed with vitamin C & E, for extra antioxidant boost. Composed of fine poppy seeds that exfoliate and vodka and lime that tones and brightens thus leaving you with fresh, clean and energized skin. Convinced? Here’s my review of Rraw Vodka and Lime Crush Face Scrub.
Rraw Vodka and Lime Crush Face Scrub. Photo credits:
Rraw Vodka and Lime Crush Face Scrub. Photo credits:

Exfoliation is essential for removing the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective, thus, result in a fresh-looking healthy skin.

Rraw Vodka and Lime Crush Face Scrub is organic, cruelty, silicone and sulfate free. It is a non-abrasive face scrub good for those with rough, sensitive skin. You will notice it’s vodka tonic cocktail scent that is not common for everyone. Well, for me it actually smells like menthol.



FULL SIZE:       50g

PRICE:                 PHP 325.00



Shopee: @rrawph

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First, I washed my face and applied just a right amount of this facial scrub. The mixture felt thick as if you are applying lotion to your face. I’m looking forward to feeling the poppy seeds scrubbing my face but there are not too much to make me feel exfoliated. Ok, it’s non-abrasive.

I continued to massage my face and tried to apply more of it to feel how poppy seeds exfoliate. The more you apply the scrub the more it feels slippery on the skin. I think it is more of a moisturizer at this point. I am not satisfied that I have to let go of the “poppy seeds scrubbing my face” feeling.

After convincing myself that scrubbing my face with poppy seeds is not going to happen, I rinsed off the scrub. It is hard to rinse because I really applied a lot. My face felt smooth and soft after rinsing.

So, what else can I say, I was not satisfied with the exfoliation but I am convinced with its moisturization effect on my skin.





I think this will work for those with dry skin because this will definitely moisturize your skin. Every Saturday, I exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and all residue from my daily skincare routine and touch-ups. This an essential part of my Korean skincare regimen and I prefer facial scrubs that will really make me feel like scrubbing off dead skin cells. So, needless to say, I will not get this one for myself.

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