REVIEW | Ponds Magic Powder BB

Is it really worth the hype?
Ponds Magic Powder
Ponds Magic Powder

You must have seen this product a lot of times in different online shops and websites. It’s either you bought it or you’re one of those still undecided or thinking if this is really worth the hype. This product is not available in the leading drugstore and malls. And this made me think of hoarding and reselling the product that you can only buy in Thailand. But, what’s the real deal?

Here’s a secret…

Ponds Magic Powder BB, one of the most hyped skincare cult favorite, is also part of my skincare/makeup staples! As one of the 80’s kids who grew up with powders and lip balms, having  Ponds Magic Powder BB is nostalgic! I never thought that until now I’m still using a powder more often over foundation and cushions.



Talc, Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77491, Mica, Aluminum hydroxide, Aluminum Stearate, Niacinamide

The combination of these ingredients of Ponds Magic Powder BB gives your skin a sparkling sheer (natural) coverage with a lightweight feel.



You may notice that the texture is not as smooth as regular Pond’s face powders. This is really more of a foundation powder. If you’re using a moisturizer or sunscreen, it will easily stick to your skin and rubbing it using your hands is not really advisable. Rather, rub the powder in your hands then lightly pat and even out on your skin.

It's not white!
It’s not white!

What I love about it…

I love how it makes my skin feel smooth. It helps lessen visibly enlarged pores. I actually use this on top of my liquid foundation. Yeah, it feels a little dry but helps me achieve a matte finish. I use this to touch up my makeup. This is my go-to product in the office whenever I need to look fresh without spending too much time. It also lessens the oiliness in my T-zone. I usually touch up before going home. It has a long-lasting effect and adds sun protection on skin.


What I don’t like about it…

It has the signature smell of Pond’s but it also has the scent of a foundation.



Pond’s Magic Powder BB is worth a try and it really serves its purpose so I’ll give it an 8-9. Just make sure to cleanse your face after you use this product to ensure that you don’t clog or block your pores. For me, this is more than your usual powder.


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