REVIEW | My Beauty Diary Arbutin Brightening Mask

This is really quick! Tonight I’m using My Beauty Diary Arbutin Brightening Mask.
My Beauty Diary Arbutin Brightening Mask
My Beauty Diary Arbutin Brightening Mask


Whitening and radiant skin

It lightens and hydrates the skin with Arbutin essence and Cosphingo x Aquaroad hydrating ingredients. Lemon, cucumber and licorice extracts purify, nourish, and keeps skin lively and fairer.

Firm and smooth skin

It deeply moisturizes, restores, and defend the skin from environmental damage and external irritants.

Recommended for Normal Skin




This pack contains a lot of watery essences that seems too much for the mask! The essence is dripping while I take out the mask. This one is different because it is placed on a “pearlescent” layer, thus it makes unfolding easier. The mask doesn’t fit well on my face despite being made perfect for round shaped face. It doesn’t sting like what I’ve read from other reviews. Or maybe because I don’t have acne at the moment. But it’s really cool that it doesn’t sting and doesn’t make my sensitive skin itchy or irritated. 💯 This is so far one of the best Taiwanese masks I’ve tried. But I can’t help but share that its scent reminds me of Korean products. 😅

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I’m loving this mask! 😍 It’s true to its claims! I feel beautiful after masking. You know that feeling right?! It’s not tacky and is easily absorbed by my skin. I noticed my skin look brighter and became more lively! I really can’t express how much this face mask amazed me! THIS IS WORTH A TRY! My skin feels moisturized. If you feel lazy but wanted to keep your daily skincare regimen, this is one of the products you should buy! Cleanse, tone, wear this mask and you’re done!

I also bought the Black Pearl Mask. You can buy these for only 89.00 PHP each at 7-Eleven.


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