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Do you find yourself looking for ways to lose your weight faster? Have you been in the gym for quite some time but still not satisfied with your result? Are you guilty of pigging out after all these diets and work out? In that case, I think you need a little help to boost your metabolism and curb your cravings. Kilo Off Powder Drink might be your new weight loss buddy.

Kilo Off Powder Drink
Kilo Off Powder Drink

I gained weight from eating a lot last Christmas and New year. It’s been a while since I engaged in vigorous activities aside from walking and commuting. On weekends, I usually do my side hustles and I’m guilty of saying “I don’t have time for exercise.” So, I thought of trying out Kilo Off Powder Drink available at I’m not really into slimming drinks or supplements but I’m intrigued and I feel the need of trying this product.

Kilo Off is manufactured by Laboratories Vitarmonyl in France, a leading health supplements manufacturer is BFAD- approved, and possesses natural ingredients unseen in similar weight loss supplements to ensure a healthier route to weight loss.

All Kilo-Off drinks are recommended with a healthy amount of diet and exercise, so you’re ensured to achieve your fitness goals and get that body you’d be proud to flaunt year round! Kilo Off is a flavored powder juice drink meant to supplement your diet and workout, and provide a 4-in-1 action (Burn fat, curb cravings, increase metabolism, keep a flat stomach).


Green Tea and Coffee extracts to burn fat; Cherry Stalk and Orange Peel extracts to drain excess water and toxins; Pineapple and Papaya extracts to keep a flat stomach; Citrus and Apple Pectins to reduce cravings; Guarana, Guar Gum, Meadowsweet, Grape Marc, Mate


Dilute the contents of a sachet in a large glass of water, wait just 10 seconds, stir and it’s ready!

Take 1 sachet a day for 20 days.

Regular Price: PHP 995.00

I got three (3) sachets of Kilo Off and I know that there will be no significant result of weight loss. So, let’s focus on what Kilo Off does for you to help you on your journey to weight loss.

Kilo Off tastes like a sugar-free, pineapple fizz drink. After a few seconds, I felt a bit warm inside. It’s really amazing that I didn’t feel hungry for lunch. I was able to survive ’til 3 pm without pigging out after.

No signs of stomach pain nor loose bowel movement. I know most of you who wants to try out slimming teas/drinks are afraid of these. Good job for Kilo Off!


Curb Food Cravings 

Reduced Bloating 

Burn Fat 




I suggest that gym goers and those who are consistent and determined to fulfill their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight should try this product and receive dramatic results. Pigging out is a usual problem after a hard training, so I think this can help at least to lessen their cravings. For couch potatoes, like me, this might help a bit to reduce cravings and detoxification. Half a loaf is better than none.

Have you tried this product? Share your experience in the comments section!

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