REVIEW | Hold Live 7 Mist Matte Lipstick

I had a chance to try Hold Live 7 Mist Matte Lipstick in #18. And today, I’m sharing with you my first impression and quick review about this most raved about lipstick in Thailand.

Hold Live is one of the most trending makeup brands in Thailand. I believe that this is not a Thai brand but rather a Chinese brand; because the details and instructions in the box are written in Chinese. I got mine from the Beauty Corner selling trendy makeup brands from Thailand.

First Impression

The Hold Live 7 Mist Matte Lipstick line is a collection of creamy matte bullet lipsticks that comes in light violet boxes. The plastic lipstick tube feels rubbery matte outside but plain smooth inside. You need to be precise to fasten the lid. I like earth and nude tones so I chose #18 that’s a mix of brown and red. I was advised that this lipstick feels smooth and velvety when applied. It doesn’t have a powdery scent like other lipstick do. I got more intrigued, so I decided to give it a try.


Velvety Matte and Very Pigmented

I usually put on my organic lip balm before applying lipstick. My lips are prone to windburn so I can’t skip the balm with mattes. The first time I tried this lipstick with my lip balm, I noticed how it glided on my lips. It is very pigmented that one swipe is enough to cover the lips with its rich color. I can feel how creamy/velvety it is as I try to fill in a few gaps.

Not transfer proof but requires less retouch

Yes, it smears to your cup after a sip and part of it, particularly the inner lip, is removed after lunch. But what I like about it is that you don’t have to apply it again in full. Its rich pigment doesn’t leave your lips looking pale. Just fill in the gaps and you’re good.

It becomes a little drying overtime

It’s matte and we all know that matte lipsticks tend to dry over time. But what I noticed with this one is that it is not as drying as lip tints can get. You will notice this as you reapply.

Luscious velvety matte
Luscious velvety matte

Overall, I like the pigment and the creamy matte texture of Hold Live 7 Mist Matte Lipstick. It’s price ranges from 250-350 Php on Shopee. But, I suggest getting from reliable sellers like Beauty Corner where I got mine.

Check out this product and other trending makeup products in Thailand by sending a message on their FB Page: ShopBeautyCorner or directly order on Shopeefindbeautycorner


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