REVIEW | Cloud Cosmetics Watermelon Lip scrub

Struggling from dry, chapped lips?

Cloud Cosmetics caught my eye last Manila Sundance Bazaar, I really wanted to buy that time, but I’m a bit skeptical. BeautyMNL had a free shipping promo and I grabbed the chance to get my hands on that watermelon lip scrub.


Cloud Cosmetics Lip Scrub
Cloud Cosmetics Lip Scrub

I really have dry lips and I can’t live without my lipgloss/balm. And I thought that trying out lip scrubs might help make my lips look smooth and to minimize my lips from chapping while wearing lipstick.

Cloud Cosmetics fuse smart skin care formulas with modern and advanced technology to create a clever line of beauty products that are effective, safe, fun, useful and easy to use. All of their products are proudly made in the Philippines with clean, biodegradable ingredients sourced around the world. The brand claims their products to be cruelty-free, paraben and sulfate-free, fast and easy to use – no tools needed.

Basically, this brand formulated their products for those who seek to spend less time getting done-up + more time getting stuff done. Looks like you can relate like me, huh! 😉

They have a lot of products from skincare to make up. But today, I will share with you my thoughts and my honest review on Cloud Cosmetics Watermelon Lip Scrub. By the way, this is not sponsored and I bought the product to feed my curiosity.

Ingredients: Cera Alba (beeswax), Jojoba Esters, Tocopherol, Watermelon Seed Oil, CI 16035, Flavor.

How To Use: Apply watermelon lip scrub on lips and gently scrub until the product melts. Wipe lips with clean, damp cloth to remove the product. You can use it 3-4x a week. Avoid over scrubbing. Always apply the product with clean hands. It’s tempting… please do not eat.

Texture: Oily, coarse jojoba beads. It smells like watermelon but doesn’t taste like it. 🙂

See those jojoba beads?
See those jojoba beads?

You can easily get the product from the tub with your fingers. It feels slippery on the lips while you gently scrub the jojoba beads to exfoliate leaving your lips smooth and soft. It smells like Avon’s Little Blossoms Lip balm (if you’re familiar with that, else settle with the watermelon scent).

It’s really hard not to eat it. Unintentionally, the beads along with the dry skin can get inside your mouth. Good thing, it doesn’t have any taste. Though it feels like lard when it gets inside the mouth. The beads tend to stick on the lips making it a bit hard to remove the excess.


I expected too much from this product. I’m satisfied with its softening and smoothening effect on the lips but not much in exfoliating. After removing the excess, I’m still tempted to bite my lip and remove the dry chapped skin on my lips. If you have dry lips, you know how annoying it feels to have dry lips and peeling it is such a relief.

I guess this will work with normal lips but those with really dry and chapped lips might not get much benefit from it.

I’ll give it a 6/10.

Have you tried this product? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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