REVIEW | Black Toothpaste by Zero Basics

Black Toothpaste, for real?

Organic and all-natural products are starting to gain popularity in the market because a lot of people are getting more conscious of the ingredients and the effects of these products in the body. Some also opt to use environment-friendly products to contribute to saving mother earth.

Black Toothpaste
Black Toothpaste

I had a chance to snag one of these products from Zero Basics at the MUNI Market event last Friday. Typical organic products are available but what really caught my attention is the Black Toothpaste. Ok, I’ve seen a lot of products like this on Instagram but I never thought of buying one. But, since this is already in front of me, why not try? 🙂


Activated charcoal powder + baking soda to naturally whiten teeth and keep mouth cleaner for longer.


Scoop using your toothbrush and use like normal toothpaste. Be careful as this may stain your clothing. Ingredients may separate. Shake well before use.

Black Toothpaste can be bought in a jar at 190g. I saw the oil (I assume it was oil) on top of the mixture and the mixture looks thick. So I asked how I will mix it. I was advised that this mixture is like peanut butter. You need to mix it thoroughly before using it and that it has a salty taste.

Thick texture like peanut butter
Thick texture like peanut butter

I tried the product and as expected, the oil is separated from the mixture. I spilt the oil and my fingers became really oily and greasy. The oil smells like menthol. I used a fork to mix it and it took me a minute or so to ensure that it is thoroughly mixed. When it’s finally thick in texture, I filled my toothbrush with the Black ToothPaste using my fork.

When I started brushing, I tried to control my taste buds so that I will not taste anything. But as expected, it tastes salty. I tried my best not to taste the whole thing. 🙂 I brushed my teeth as usual. My mouth became greasy and that makes it hard to rinse from the outside.

What I like about it…

  • Cleaning power is ok
  • Made my teeth sparkle
  • Menthol scent is calming

What I don’t like about it…

  • Too greasy, it made my mouth and hands harder to rinse. I need to wash my hands with dishwashing liquid.
  • The taste is a little disturbing, but I guess that’s how it really tastes. XD
  • No fresh smelling breath after, well at least my breath doesn’t smell bad for an hour.

For me, I guess I’d still get my regular toothpaste for everyday use. I’d rather use this at night where I have more time to mix (mixing would take like 10 seconds if used daily) and I think the product will take more time to whiten my teeth because I’m a coffee lover, but maybe on continued use, I’ll get lighter teeth.

In case you’d like to try and explore using the Black Toothpaste and other organic and all-natural products, you may send a message to Zero Basic’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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