Makeup Noob Series #1 – Welcome to the Makeup Noob Series

I know why your here, either you’re a makeup noob like me or you are a makeup pro who might want to extend and help this little fellow here to do her make makeup (and hey, thanks in advance! 😉 ) What’s up with my new segment Makeup Noob Series?

These gave me a mix of happiness and shock. Haha!
These gave me a mix of happiness and shock. Haha!

Makeup Noob Series is all about my experiment with different makeup products and tools. Why experiment? Let me tell something about myself that you might relate to or must have gone through before getting your “pro” title.

I don’t wear makeup.

Ok, seldom or maybe just a few products like face powder and lipgloss. I have nothing against makeup, it’s just that ever since it felt like “it’s not working on me”. Makeup doesn’t like me. Have you ever felt that way? So, I started with skincare, and now let’s experiment with makeup!

I’m on my thirty’s and I still don’t know basic makeup.

I don’t know if it’s my school to blame for not having a Makeup 101 or a Power Dressing class, or my mom who’s actually a beautician, or myself for not even trying. Yeah, I go to the office not wearing anything but lipgloss and powder. Sometimes, I wear lipstick but more often I stick with my lipgloss to keep my lips moisturized. Mom says my eyebrows look good as is. It’s thick and I guess I ruined it a bit by shaving and plucking. Anyway, it’s still long and thick.


Yeah, I'm older than you.
Yeah, I’m older than you.


But now, I think its necessary to learn at least basic makeup to cover up dark circles, pigmentations, acne scars, and freckles because right now they are starting to become more visible. Probably related to a little to no skincare when I was younger. And yeah, we’re ageing.

I need a help to look a little mature and professional.

Oh, in appearance, ok? 🙂 I look like a little girl, with the height and features. I usually get comments like I look very young (should I be thankful for it?), or people don’t take me seriously. It’s really frustrating. And yeah, wearing makeup may not resolve this at once, but taking little steps like this will go a long way.

I am surrounded by beautiful friends who are willing to help

This is the right time to do these things because I have friends who are good at this and are willing to help. I’ll introduce them to you in the next series. 🙂 To my friends: You know the drill – COLLAB! 😉

So, welcome to the Makeup Noob Series and I hope YOU and I will learn more as we experiment in the next couple of days. If you have comments or topics that you want us and our friends to discuss, drop them all in the comments section or send me an email at



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