Cleopatra’s Secret – Natural Beauty Secrets Revealed

Cleopatra, the Queen of ancient Egypt is known for her beauty and intellect. Ever wonder what could be in her beauty regimen to earn such fame and recognition up to this time?

Cleopatra's Secret
Cleopatra’s Secret
Is Cleopatra really beautiful?

While there is no clear evidence of Cleopatra’s real beauty, she is considered and depicted as the most beautiful woman during her time. She is also known for her intelligence and strategic thinking. All of these characteristics combined made it possible for her to seduce the leading generals Caesar and Mark Antony and took it to her advantage.

Is she really beautiful?
Is she really beautiful?
What’s in Cleopatra’s beauty regimen?

Here are a few ingredients and skincare regimen documented as some of Cleopatra’s natural beauty secrets.

  • Milk bath – warm milk with honey
  • Sea salt with cream scrub – to exfoliate
  • Oatmeal – exfoliate and moisturize
  • Clay mask – cleaning and whitening the skin. Includes clay, honey, sour cream and lemon juice/ apple cider vinegar
  • Rosewater/ Apple cider vinegar – natural toner
  • Almond oil – for youthful skin
  • Aloe vera and honey mask – for moisturizing the skin
  • Essential oils – for fragrance and skin benefits
  • Henna with berry and plant dyes – for hair and nail coloring
  • Castor oil and honey – for soft shiny hair
  • Celery and hemp eye serum – keeps the skin around the eyes bright and healthy
  • Royal jelly – nourishing, anti-aging, reduce dark circles

No need to run for these ingredients yourself! Cleopatra’s Secret, a local brand, offers a skincare line inspired by the natural and effective beauty rituals and practices of Cleopatra, The Last Pharaoh of Egypt.

Cleopatra's Secret Masks
Cleopatra’s Secret Masks
Natural Skincare Inspired by Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s Secret uses the best organic, luxurious ingredients to create worry-free, personalized, all-natural, antioxidant and nutrient-rich body products. Yes, they personalize and give their clients optional products made on the date-of-payment to ensure freshness of ingredients and 100% freedom from preservatives.

This one-stop-shop of handcrafted, safe and effective skincare caters to all skin types. They believe that the essences of plants, flowers, roots, and barks are more than just ingredients that you add to skincare products. They are special sacred spiritual herbs and plants that have far more in store for us than simply physical healing —they work to balance our body, mind and spirit in an energetic and etheric level as well.

I had a chance to try these masks from Cleopatra’s Secret: Oatmeal, Banana, Milk and Honey mask, Seaweed Skin Repair mask, and Magical Love Potion with Frankincense mask.

The first two masks have a cooling effect on the skin while all of them are guaranteed to make your skin soft and smooth. To use the mask, mix it water until you get a thick paste. Apply on skin and start to relax, meditate or simply feel the moment. Once completely dry, rinse off with warm water and cold water afterwards to close the pores (optional).

Using these masks is indeed very relaxing. I feel like doing it every night if I could! By the way, the masks are safe for kids so you can do it with your little girl.

For more details, check out their social media accounts:

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