Budget Friendly Skincare Brands for Starters and Students

Skincare is a must. At the age of 20, you should consider having a skincare routine no matter how simple as long as it helps in maintaining your skin and never regret what you should have done earlier in your 30s. As you start your skincare journey, I’m listing a few Budget Friendly Skincare Brands for Starters and Students.

Why invest in skincare?

I don’t mean having a 10-step skincare routine but as simple as using a product with sunscreen can be a good start. Per experience, your skin and pocket will thank you on your 30s if you have taken good care of your skin on your early 20s. Skin damage and wrinkles caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can be lessened by wearing sunscreen every day. Serums with ingredients targeting specific concerns is a good investment, too.

Budget-Friendly Skincare Brands for Starters and Students

While you’re still receiving an allowance from your parents or working with sidelines to earn a few bucks, here’s a list of budget-friendly skincare brands with a line of products that you might want to try without stashing too much from your pocket. Your prof won’t kill you for using skincare. 😉 Stay beautiful while keeping your skin healthy. Products from these brands are sold in drugstores and convenience stores nationwide.


iWhite Korea

iWhite Korea is a whitening skincare product formulated and imported from Korea. They have several products targeting all skincare needs; like moisturizing facial wash, skin-clearing facial mask, gentle 2-minute miracle facial mask, dirt-removing nose pack, skin and pore purifying balm, revitalizing and soothing moisturizer, a facial cream with sunscreen, and skin-nourishing bb cream which are all available in the Philippines at an affordable price.

I tried iWhite Korea De-stress Mask, iWhite Korea Pore Purifying Balm and Nose Pack and the famous BB.Holic Cream. For starters, I recommend the iWhite BB Holic Everyday BB Cream. It gives natural-looking coverage, feels light with a nice scent. It’s affordable and blends well with other skincare products, too.

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Seoul White Korea

Seoul White Korea promises Korean white glowing skin. As of writing, they have two(2) products:  Double White Whitening Soap and Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream.

You can buy the soaps in 3s at a very affordable price. I have a sample of the tone-up cream but haven’t tried it yet. I love the soap, it reminds me of Thai soaps but this one is more moisturizing.

This quite a short list but don’t forget to bookmark this post because I will update this once I discover new effective and affordable skincare brands available in the Philippines. If you know other brands, let me know, I’ll check them out and give my real honest review about their products.

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Hope this helps as much as I intended it to be. I enjoyed writing it and thanks for reading! Follow me on my social media accounts and stay updated on my latest reviews and features.

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