8 Tips to Start Living Your Life and Leave a Legacy by Doc Paolo Bellosillo

Legacy is not leaving something for people, it’s leaving something IN people. – Peter Strople

Not everyone leaves a legacy or lives a life that will leave a legacy. To not be forgotten, you need to live a life that makes a difference in the life of others, to inspire them or change their life for the better.

Doc Paolo Bellosillo knows this and believes that people need to live life the best way they possibly can and one of the ways to do this is by living a healthy life coz when you are healthy, you can do more and be more. Doc Pao is an advocate of this because he has seen many people die young or not able to do what they want with life due to health limitations. To Doc Pao, this is worse than death because you are alive but not able to live fully.

Here’s our take away from Doc Pao:

8 Tips to Start Living your Life and Leave a Legacy

1.     First, know your limits, live within it and then gauge where you can grow in increments.  Do more with a passion.

2.     In health whether spiritual, physiological or emotional and psychological, know your toxins and get rid of them. Determine your deficiencies and supplement them.

3.     Next serve with a heart of charity.

4.     Give with generosity.

5.     Value life at any crossroad, and protect it, preserve it. From the foods you eat or making sure babies are born into our reality.

6.     Live each day and moment as if it were the last day of your life and do so by creating moments with people you love or even you don’t know for God and country.

7.     Just say thank you. It means a lot and goes a long way.

8.     Start listening and then wait for your turn to speak and arrive at a solution.


It’s not an easy journey but hopefully these tips can get you on your way to live a life of legacy.

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