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Snow Caps Dietary Supplement L-Glutathione 500mg capsule – No pain, no gain for me.


I’ve seen alot of blogs with good reviews about Snow Caps Dietary Supplement L-Glutathione 500mg capsule and I have a friend who’s currently using the product as well. Aside from that, I’ve seen the Alden Richards billboard along SLEX and got more intrigued with this product. I ran to the nearest drug store to buy one and to my surprise it came with a free soap – Snow Skin Whitening Soap. I started my review as soon as I got the product. This is a 30-capsule dietary supplement manufactured by Vida Nutriscience Inc.


Mercury Drug.


L-Glutathione reduced 500mg
Alpha lipoic acid 100mguh-oh
Vit C 100mg 


Take one (1) capsule with or without meal in the morning because glutathione levels are lowest and oxidative stress is highest during day time.


Pinkish glowing skin 4

Soft smooth skin 4

Healthy looking skin 4

Price 3-4

No stomach pain 2-3



PROS: I was not able to use it for 1 week. But I saw good results after 3 days of using Snowcaps. Skin feels smoother, lighter and glowing. Continued use may guarantee improvement on your skin.

CONS: I’m already skeptical when I saw ALA (Alpha Lipolic Acid) in its ingredients. ALA has a great effect on skin yet it may also cause you stomach pains just like what happened to me. I also took the risk of taking this without meal (stated in the direction for use) to prove if it will not cause stomach pains but unfortunatelly it did. Its really ideal to take glutathione supplements after a meal. I discontinued use and tried my other glutathione supplements, now I don’t experience stomach pains and bloating.

A repost from December 6, 2015.


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