5 Steps to Happiness and Fulfillment This 2018

5 Steps to Happiness and Fulfillment This 2018
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Happy New Year! I’m sure it’s been a roller coaster ride for everybody last year. Most of us must have made our new year’s resolutions and 2018 goals. But let me ask you, have you contemplated how to make it happen? I’m sharing 5 Steps to Happiness and Fulfillment This 2018.

There is nothing wrong setting your resolutions and goals but this doesn’t mean that we need to sacrifice our happiness to make things happen! I read Marie Kondo’s advice on reflecting on the past year and part of this is to write what went well, what sparked joy, and what you learned. From there, set your goals for the next year.

I started doing it hours before the clock hits 12. I got a very nice list and it made me realize to “move forward, don’t worry because in whatever you do, the universe will conspire to make it happen”.

It’s time to set my goals. But when I started writing my goals, I feel a bit stressed, in desperate need of motivation and searching for significance.

That’s when I thought of asking myself “What makes you Happy?”

Here’s how I did it and inspired me to do this post. 😉

5 Steps to Happiness and Fulfillment This 2018

List down the things that make you happy.

Sit down and contemplate on what makes you happy. List down EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. From spending time with your pet to having a stress free life (yeah, we all want that! XD). Of course, you need to make sure that these REALLY makes you happy. It can be something general or specific. But I suggest you write specific things or activities that make you happy.

After that, narrow it down to ten. This will make you realize what really makes you happy and what your priorities are.

Identify which can be done or achieved at the same time.


Let me give you an example:

You have the following things that make you happy ~ Simplify work, Compliment, Importance, Discover new things, Income generation, Relaxation, Sales

You can combine Simplify work, Compliment, Importance, Discover new things, and Income generation. When you simplify work, you become efficient thus you get compliments and further feel your value in the company. As you simplify your work, you’ll get more time to do other stuff to generate income and thus make you feel less stressed.

You can also combine Sales, Income generation, Compliment. If your sales increase, you earn more and most likely your reputation and customer trust will increase.

Categorize to know your priorities and what is important in your life 

From the example above, “Simplify work, Compliment, Importance, Discover new things, and Income generation” can be categorized as Career.

You might find Family, Life, Love, Business, Your Hobby in the category column. Once you set the categories you will realize that these are your priorities and what is important in your life. You might find yourself giving less priority to what others would say should be your priority. This time you will realize what matters to you most and what needs more attention. Either you reassess or stick to what you have written and go to the next process.

If you’re going to ask me, I chose to continue to the next process because in the first place I am the one who determined the things that makes me happy. Thus I will pursue to take my time to make myself happy than pressure myself to give time to the things that other people say should matter or should be prioritized.

Determine the steps that you CAN do to fulfill your happiness

I emphasized “can” because at times we do things just to make things happen. Have a mindset that you are doing things because these will definitely continue to make you happy.

From our example, one step is to “Automate routine tasks”. It is a step that can simplify work. Follow it with more steps that will help achieve your “happiness goals”.

You may also add subcategories of each step. It can be as simple as Money, Time, Feelings, etc. This way you can say that your work and your business is about money making. You might be doing more money making or money-related tasks. Your list will tell you. 😉

Follow the steps and monitor your results

Visit your list once in a while and check if you’re doing each step. Actually, you should live by that. XD

You can write down what you have done to fulfill each step. You can write it altogether or just write it in your bullet journal. Being reminded is important, whether you write it or not as long as you live by your happiness goals. We usually feel fulfilled when we see results. In this case, our result is to continue to be happy!


I hope you get something out of this post. Starting today, I will live my life all towards happiness! I hope the same goes for you.




13 thoughts on “5 Steps to Happiness and Fulfillment This 2018

    1. Yes, and that’s actually the hardest part. But when you think about doing it because these things make you happy will definitely be worth your time.

    1. Wow! It’s a life-changing experience. 🙂 You are starting your year right. That way, you can keep track of your activities and events. It will definitely help you in time management.

    1. It’s more inspiring to write a list of the things that makes you happy. I guess last year has been stressful for all of us striving to reach our goals. But does this make us happy or not? 🙂 if it does contribute to your happiness, youre in the right track. 🙂

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