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My Thalera Experience – Happy or Not?

Here’s a new subscription box to try if you like FREE products by simply hitting Subscribe! I’m sharing you my experience as I receive my first Thalera box. How’s the experience, happy or not?

Thalera free subscription box
Thalera free subscription box

Thalera is the first ever FREE online subscription website in the Philippines. By simply hitting the Subscribe button on their website, you’ll get your Thalera box the next month with FREE products for you to try and review. Every month, they will release free products ranging from food, cookery, household necessities, health and beauty delivered absolutely for FREE!

Sounds promising, eh? Yes, but wait until you finish reading this post.

My Thalera Experience

I feel grateful whenever I receive free products and Thalera managed to cover everything, even the shipping fees! Of course, these are all in exchange of your real honest reviews about the products and the experience.

My Thalera Experience
My Thalera Experience

Hitting the Subscribe button at will lead you to a sign up page where your will be asked to input your personal preferences and shipping details. Sit back and wait for your box to arrive.


Ok, so I received a text message about the package and I’m so excited to receive it. By the way I’m getting the regular box and this is enough for me to write my real honest review about the experience. Anyway, this is the regular box that subscribers will receive.

A sneak peek of the Thalera blogger box.

Unfortunately, upon receiving the package, the products slid off the box. The box is not sealed, it’s a bit thin like a “buko pie” box. This is one area that they need to improve because some products might break or lose its form. Another factor can be the courier’s mishandling.

So, I was not able to have an unboxing video for you but anyway I’m so happy and I feel lucky to receive skincare products! I received Gluta-C products – 2 Gluta C Face and Body Soap w/ Papaya Enzymes, 1 Gluta-C Body Lotion, Gluta-C Whitening Facial Cream sachets. Again, you will receive different type of products every month, and so I’m excited for next month!

I think the amount of products in each box is currated to help you get the results that you need for a quality review and enough to convince you if they are really effective (in this case, skincare) and worth repurchasing.

Writing a Review

After a week of using the products, I’m so excited to write my review. The Thalera website dashboard will show you the number of boxes you received, products you received, points earned and recent reviews made. The interesting part is the points earned and recent reviews. There is a Redeem Points tab but they’re still cooking up this feature and it’s something I’m looking forward to. The recent review will redirect you to the product reviews page.

I enjoyed writing my review but after submitting it I noticed something that’s quite unusual. My full (first name) is displayed in the review list. Btw, this is my pen name and I usually use my real name whenever required. It felt quite uncomfortable seeing my full first name, as it is really unique, and it’s very unusual to me. I joined different forums and websites but I never saw my real name used as the display name. I decided to call the attention of Thalera via Instagram.

Warning: Don’t use your full name upon signing up to keep your identity.

Tried to ask if its possible to change my name because its quite unusual. I was told that they are not able to change that at the moment and for the reason that they are dealing with real consumers. I’m still a real consumer if I will use a username or email (like, I see this format from other sites) as my display name, right? I was advised it is also used for shipping details, I understand, but still. They told me that they will get in touch with me once they come up with something (about it) and I felt sad when I was adviced to ‘unsubscribe’ if I don’t feel comfortable with it.

I’m looking forward for the next updates and I hope this issue will be resolved. I still have a lot to say about it but I guess I’ll just leave it here. There’s still a lot to watch out for as Thalera continue to improve its platform and introduce new features that Filipino consumers will love.

So, HAPPY or NOT? Thalera is a new challenger in the subscription box industry so I’m still looking forward for improvements. It’s a NOT in terms of user experience on the website and customer service, but I’m HAPPY for having a Free subscription box service with new and interesting products that Filipino consumers will surely enjoy!

Hope this helps as much as I intended it to be. I enjoyed writing it and thanks for reading! Follow me on my social media accounts and stay updated on my latest reviews and features.

For more details about Thalera:

  • Facebook:  Thalera
  • Twitter: @thalerabox
  • Instagram: @thalerabox
  • Phone Number: +63 945 396 9561
  • Email:
  • Address: Unit 114 SRF Building 1038 Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City

What do you think about Thalera? Share your thoughts at the comments section.

10 thoughts on “My Thalera Experience – Happy or Not?

  1. I love the honesty of this post! I actually encountered the same problem. I don’t want to display my second name because I’m uncomfortable seeing it in the review section. They said that the last name is not displayed and there are many people with the same names. I disagreed because my name is quite unique. Thalera said that they’ll update me after they meet with the IT to adjust.

    1. Per experience, the next month after subscription. Then you’ll get a Thalera box monthly with random types of products.

  2. What about the products included in the box? Would you say they’re okay quality wise? I’d seen Thalera a few times, unfortunately I’m quite maarte when it comes to body stuff and prefer organic so kahit libre I opted not to sign up na lang, but I informed friends about this. 🙂

    1. Yes, so far the products I received from Thalera are from quality brands. This kind of business really click with Filipinos who love free stuff by nature. Hey, I’m starting to use organic products, too! 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts about it sometime.

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