Milk Tea Problems: Okinawa or Wintermelon?

I just learned something about these two milk tea flavors that I can’t get over with. I’m mind blown and I bet you should know about it, too.

Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash
Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash

Do you always find yourself thinking about what milk tea flavor you should order while you’re in front of the cashier or while waiting in line? For some, trying out a new flavor is not a problem when it’s on the list of best sellers. There is not much detail on the menu, the only way to learn about a certain flavor is to ask but I’m sure you would rather skip this process because you feel the pressure from the people piling up behind you.

I’m a fan of milk tea but I never thought of learning about how these flavors differ from each other. Whenever I get a chance to grab a cup for my milk tea satisfaction, I always order Okinawa just because I like the taste. Wintermelon is one of the most common milk tea flavor, like every milk tea shop has it. No problem with the taste, but there is when I started to ask for “zero sugar”.

Okinawa vs Wintermelon

Here’s a quick fact about our favorite milk tea flavors:

Okinawa Milk Tea – cold Assam black tea with brown sugar

Wintermelon Milk Tea – cold Assam black tea with white caramelized sugar.

And here’s what I realized after learning about the facts:

I should be ordering Wintermelon when I started to ask for zero sugar!

Obviously, both are made of Assam black tea! Without sugar, they are the same! If Wintermelon costs less than Okinawa, I must have saved a few bucks for choosing my less favorite milk tea flavor! T_T

Okinawa is a healthier option because of brown sugar.

Most of us know the benefit of brown sugar. Alas, we already have brown sugar milk tea even before the hype! Sometimes what you want is right in front of you. Whogoat?!

It pays to learn about the facts.

I hope that milk tea shops start to make the effort to educate buyers. I know that consumers will buy without these anyway but educating them would mean better choices and more satisfaction.

What now, Okinawa or Wintermelon?

And so, today, as I mark this day as my last day of cheat day (I had more than a week actually) and I’m happy that I get to learn about these things and I was able to share it with you. Too late for me to realize that I should have ordered Wintermelon all this time.

I’m lucky to have my last cup from Majestea Molino Bacoor. Kuya helped me to choose from these two and yeah I saved a few bucks.

If you happen to live near Bahayang Pag-Asa Subd., you can drop by this branch located at the Ground floor of Savemore Market ARCC Bacoor (inside Bahayang Pag-Asa Subd.). Opens at 10 AM ’til 10 PM.

Photos from Majestea Molino Bacoor Facebook Page
Photos from Majestea Molino Bacoor Facebook Page
Photos from Majestea Molino Bacoor Facebook Page
Photos from Majestea Molino Bacoor Facebook Page

Let me include this in my wedding preparation series because this is just one thing that you should watch out (or regulate) if you’re on a diet.

..or maybe I’ll get a Wintermelon next week. Oooops!


Hope this post helps as much as I enjoyed writing this post.



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  • November 3, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    Im not into milk teas. Pero im enjoying Okinawa 🙂


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