5 Tips For Creating A Stylish Prom Look – Prom Dress, Styles and More

Unlike other types of formal dresses, classy prom dresses come in a myriad of different styles and colours. One thing you’ll need to consider when finding the right dress for prom is finding a colour that best suits you. In fact, a colour that matches your eye colour and skin tone will help you both look and feel beautiful. Here are 5 Tips For Creating A Stylish Prom Look.

Figuring out which colour best suits you, whether it’s a plain black prom dress or a vibrant shade of green, means you’re sure to stand out for your style and class.  If you want to make sure you find the right prom dress for your skin tone, read on!

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Finding a dress for dark skin tones

Darker skin tones have tons of options, but for an elegant prom style, your best bet is lavender, violet or purple. If you’d like to create contrast, white or yellow work well. From deep tones and rich shades to warm colours, you have a lot of choices.

The right dress for lighter skin tones

Your skin colour has the biggest influence on what prom dress colour you choose. For light skin tones, black dresses are a great choice. Black and white combined also make for eye-popping contrast.

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Finding a prom dress for olive skin tone
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If you have an olive skin tone, there’s good news. You’ll look amazing in pretty much any colour. The best for your tone, though, has got to be pink. Reds, burgundy, emerald green and olives all work well, too.

Classy dresses for medium skin tone

For girls with a medium complexion, bold and primary colours will make you look as elegant as you are. Choose a colour dress that will make your skin look warm, like a light sky blue or even a deep royal blue. Grape shades are also extremely flattering for this skin tone. You can also make a choice based on your hair colour, but do stay away from caramel, beige, orange, brown and pale hues.

Vintage wedding dresses with classic details like lace or tea-length tulle, graceful airy fabrics, or skirt flares ending with a ruffle might be another option for a classy vibe.

An elegant look that complements your hair

If you have dark hair, bright colours like emerald, green and red are excellent prom choices. If you’re blonde, choose a different colour of a dress like moss, purple or pink. If you have soft blonde tones, softer tones are the way to go. But if your hair is bright gold or yellow, orange, rust and ocean blue are all great choices.

Final Word
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These simple rules of matching your prom dress to your skin tone can help you find an elegant dress that looks amazing on you. For most people, a black dress is ideal. However, if you’re feeling confident and want something different, pick a colour that will make you stand out while not taking away from the importance and formality of the occasion.

Don’t forget to choose classy accessories but go easy on makeup and jewellery. The key is to find the perfect medium for your overall look.


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