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Tita Sunshine – Sunflower-Based Products for Natural Beauty and Happy Wellness with a Purpose

Looking at sunflowers makes me reflect on things that bring happiness and hope. Its bright yellow color reminds me of a brighter and a better life ahead.

Happy Wellness with Tita Sunshine
Happy Wellness with Tita Sunshine

For Valentines, my ladies received sunflowers from me. And as I imagine myself surrounded by beautiful sunflowers, the package sent to me by Tita Sunshine arrived. Yes, I’m attracting sunflowers and what I got is more fascinating. Learning about these products made me realize that one can achieve the desire for beauty while having a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle and experience a sense of social responsibility.

About Tita Sunshine

Tita Sunshine is an innovative range of Sunflower-Based Personal Care Products using only indigenous botanicals and nature-derived ingredients. It is proudly Pinoy with world-class quality, freshly made by skilled local artisans. The products are free from harmful chemicals, sulfate and paraben-free, and cruelty-free. It uses 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging to support your eco-friendly lifestyle. Read on and I will share with you why you should keep them.

IMAGE: Sunshine Farm Philippines
IMAGE: Sunshine Farm Philippines

Tita Sunshine is a product of Sunshine Farm Philippines, co-created and manufactured by Wonderful World of Wellness (WOWOW) Marketing Corp., the makers of Ayo Premium Whitening and Jabon Jabon Family Care Soaps. The Sunshine Farm Philippines provides employment for PWDs and marginalized groups. Thus, each Tita Sunshine product you buy will help support these people in making a living. Check out Sunshine Farm Philippines FB account for their testimonials.

The Tita Sunshine Happy Wellness Line

I’m sharing with you these FDA approved products of the Tita Sunshine Happy Wellness Line.


Come out of the dark with Tita Sunshine All-Natural Cleansing Bar and Sun Protection Soap! This soap, having sunflower seed oil as its main ingredient, is packed with Vitamin E and C for glowing, even-toned, moisturized UV protected skin. It also contains high SPF natural ingredients like Carrot Seed Oil, Tomato Extract and Zinc Oxide. It is a square white soap engraved with a sunflower. I love the scent and I hope they will have a version of this soap in a can.

UPDATE: I tried the soap and it smells oh, so good! The soap doesn’t bubble rather it makes a lather that’s easy to rinse. It is non-drying and will keep your skin smooth.


Tita Sunshine All-Natural, Sulfate-Free Shampoo is your solid form shampoo for everyday shiny, healthy, hair. It is paraben free and has no SLS/SLES. Aside from Sunflower seed oil, part of its ingredients include indigenous botanicals, Gugo (St. Thomas Bean), Sabila (Aloe Vera) and Malunggay (Moringa) Extracts and Activated Charcoal. It is a square greyish soap engraved with sunflower and is good for an average of 60 washes. I also love the scent and I hope they will have a version of this shampoo bar in a can.

UPDATE: This one has a more natural scent. I tried it and it seems like this shampoo alone can keep my hair soft and moisturized. I tried using my hair mask with it and my hair turned oily so, I’ll try using it without conditioner or hair mask to see the difference.


I’m so intrigued by this one. It’s my first time to use a solid lotion bar! This innovative Tita Sunshine All-Natural Hand and Body Lotion in solid form last longer than three bottles of liquid lotion! Since it comes in a reusable can, you can bring it in your travel while keeping an eco-friendly, zero waste lifestyle. It smells so natural/no-scent but will definitely keep your skin soft and deeply moisturized. Its ingredients include Shea and Cocoa Butter, Sunflower and Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E.



Tita Sunshine Body Cologne Fresh Citrus Floral Fragrance is created by one of the world’s leading Perfume Houses that is IFRA-certified.

UPDATE: The cologne for me is perfect for outdoors as it exudes a scent that will remind you of the summer field of sunflowers!



With pure premium cosmetic-grade Sunflower Oil, Tita Sunshine Sunflower Beauty Oil is your Top-to-Toe Beauty Secret for Face, Body and Hair. To those who are still unfamiliar with the benefits of sunflower seed oil, it has a lot of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants like Vitamin E, A, C, D, Omega-6, and the list goes on. All of these helps skin retain its moisture, promote faster healing and reduce the signs of aging. It has no scent and is easily absorbed by the skin.

UPDATE: The beauty oil retains the moisture and is easily absorbed by the skin. It smells like Lavender but immediately wears out after a few minutes. I’m using this for my dry legs and to add a glow effect on my skin.

Wait! There’s more…

Overall, I like the products and these will definitely help me fulfil my eco-friendly, zero waste lifestyle. And oh, before I forget, if you have plans of buying or have already bought Tita Sunshine products, please keep the containers as we look forward to the launching of the new Sunshine Farm 2-storey Gift Shop that will offer refilling service and discounts for used packaging.

For orders and more details about Tita Sunshine:

  • Facebook:  Tita Sunshine
  • Instagram: @titasunshineph
  • Email:
  • Address: Maharlika Highway Lalig, Quezon, Philippines

Tita Sunshine – Sunflower-Based Products for Natural Beauty and Happy Wellness with a Purpose

18 thoughts on “Tita Sunshine – Sunflower-Based Products for Natural Beauty and Happy Wellness with a Purpose

  1. Wow! So nice to hear that local sustainable products are slowly and finally getting the recognition they deserved. From the product to their packaging, it shows that they are not only business centered, but also environment friendly.. Really curious on how the lotion bars work.

    1. I tried rubbing it on my arm, para syang natutunaw sa skin. It’s more like a balm and yah ang lambot nya sa skin. Sanay ka lang dapat sa amoy ng shea.

    1. I’m using Beauty Oil and I love the way it keeps my skin soft and moisturized. The oil is easily absorbed by the skin.

    1. Yes! Pak na pak talaga. Good thing I learned about it through this product. Nakuha lahat ng product na ‘to yung gusto ko. Good product packed with vitamins, natural ingredients, nakakatulong pa sa Sunshine Farm na tumutulong sa PWD community doon.

  2. I love sunflowers, too! I love the combination of yellow and brown, that’s why. And it’s my first time to see sunflower-based beauty products. Interesting!

    1. There’s more to love with sunflowers, it is packed with vitamins! It is truly your all in one beauty oil. I’ll write about it sa SB. 😉

  3. I always adore natural products and I always try to support those local entrepreneurs especially when it comes to skincare products. Have tried sunflower oil from a different brand and I liked it. I guess this works good too!

    1. I’m writing my review soon, if you want to try it asap, Tita Sunshine is one message away on FB and IG. 😉

  4. Ang cute ng name! Napaka tita! Hahaha! We used to have real sunflowers at home. May nagbabenta ng sunflower seeds sa school dati haha. Gusto ko din matry yang Tita Sunshine. I love organic products!

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