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REVIEW | Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Cream by The Face Shop

While there seems to be a battle of the sunscreen/sunblocks ongoing between brands, let me share with you one of my favorite – Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Cream by The Face Shop. 🌞
Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Cream
Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Cream

I’m using it for months now. I replaced my Belo Tinted Sunscreen (actually gave it to mom) with this because I wanted to try a Korean version that could be a nice dupe for it. Here’s what I have to say about this product.


Protects skin from UV rays and environmental aggressors with SPF 50+ PA+++. Keeps skin smooth and fresh with sunflower sprout extract and Vitamin E. Doesn’t leave a white cast.

Texture shot
Texture shot

This is a waterproof tinted-sunscreen with a sheer finish. It feels heavy on skin, more like a sunblock but feels moisturizing with a very nice scent. It doesn’t dry out and might feel a bit sticky but it doesn’t cake nor melt. It keeps my skin protected from irritants or acne-causing germs (like my hair strands, my dirty hands) and simply keeps it moisturized and ready for my powder/makeup. I really love the scent. I bet you will love this. 🙂 I know there’s a blue version of this that’s said to have a clear texture with no tint. If you prefer something with a light tint, take this. Else, go for the blue one.

I discovered and bought my Natural Sun Eco from @shopkoreanglow Another trusted seller on IG. 😉

Have you tried this? Share your thoughts!

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