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REVIEW | Daiso Collagen and Daiso Beauty White

Japan is very prominent in the production of collagen supplements and drinks. I tried some of them and they all worked for me as promised. Until I heard about Daiso Collagen and Daiso Beauty White from a friend and I thought of trying it out before I decide to sell them. The question is, is this product of the effective Japan collagen products? Is it all worth the hype?

Daiso Collagen and Daiso Beauty White


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I searched for this product in Lazada and luckily it’s available and it’s on SALE! I hurriedly finished the check out process because I’m very excited to try it out as soon as possible.

Here are the product details from Lazada, I don’t understand anything from the packaging. XD


It contains 30 pcs per pack. The most affordable collagen supplement in the market with 6,000mg collagen!


  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  •  It helps to provide skin firmness & tightness.

  • Makes skin soft & smooth

  • Stimulates the production of collagen & elastin
  • Makes the skin look younger


Take 2 tablets after a meal. (400mg / day per intake) Good for 15 days.


Fish Collagen – 6,000mg [30 tablets per pack]



Bestseller beauty whitening + vitamin c supplement made from Japan!

Super effective and no side effect!

  • Whitens your skin
  • Stops acne break out
  • Clears pimple marks
  • Makes your skin look younger


Take 2 tablets after a meal. (400mg / day per intake) Good for 15 days.

PRICE: 300-500 PHP

Take 2 tablets after a meal. (400mg / day per intake) Good for 15 days.
Take 2 tablets after a meal. (400mg / day per intake) Good for 15 days.

I took Daiso Collagen first so that I can observe how it works, I noticed my skin became more lively, moisturized, and soft. I have dry skin and I can immediately notice changes in my skin. It’s working well until I miss a dose. Well, at times I do this on purpose. After using it religiously, I stop for 1-2 days to observe the side effects. I got what I wanted, zits started to develop. The zits are manageable, though. But it’s really scary when you encounter products with side effects when you miss a dose.

I’m done observing Daiso Collagen, next is to use it with Daiso Beauty White. They’re supposed to be taken at the same time as far as know, I read the comments in Lazada and they say it’s safe. But you have to take 4 tablets since each should be taken in twos. Since this is a whitening product, it’s hard to tell the difference unless you try to use the product religiously like taking 2-3 packs. Therefore, I did not observe any visible change in my skin tone, acne marks and pigmentations.

I also tried to stop using the product for 2 days and got the same reaction as Daiso Collagen. This time I had to stop using the products because I cannot afford to have a lot of zits just because of this product. I don’t have acne prone skin and they usually appear on my scalp or back.

I finished using Daiso Collagen and left a few tablets of Daiso Beauty White. So my verdict is pretty obvious. I don’t think I will use this product in the future. Since my friend is using this religiously and she has a beautiful skin, I can still say that the product may work for others. Though, recently I saw a post on Instagram saying that she had an acne breakout after using the product. So I’ll leave the decision to you whether you want to try out this product or not, but surely I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Have you tried these products? Share your experience in the comments section!

13 thoughts on “REVIEW | Daiso Collagen and Daiso Beauty White

    1. If you feel anything that doesn’t feel right, stop. There’s a lot of other options to try. Check out the other supplements I tried, maybe one of them might work for you.

  1. Baka po fake nabili niyo. Madami po kasi naglalabasan na fake neto. Sakin po wala naman side effect. Mas gumaganda lang po skin.

    1. That’s great, effective sya sayo. Mine’s directly from Japan, though. Siguro hindi lang talaga humiyang. I recently tried DHC, mas ok sya sakin.

  2. Just using it now. So idk how will my skin react to it plus I bought it direct here sa Japan, super cheap for only 50php. Sobrang overpriced sa Pinas.

  3. I have a very sensitive skin which leads to me having a lot of acne break out . Can u give me advice which product will work for me. Thanks..

    1. Well, always look for products recommended for sensitive skin. Avoid products with alcohol as it might trigger your sensitive skin. Go for gentle, or natural alternatives. You may check out my posts and you might like some of the products that my skin loves.

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