How To Put Faux Nails (Fake Nails) On Small Hands – And Nail It!

I’m sure if you have small hands like me, buying ready to wear faux nails is a problem. It’s hard to find a pre-designed faux nail set that will fit our tiny fingernails. I, myself, wanted to try these out but I just can’t find one that fits me.

Faux nails (fake nails) is not a new thing in fashion but it has gained the attention as nail art/ nail designs became a trend last year. Pre-designed and ready to wear faux nails can be bought in sets. It comes with glue or double adhesive.

Good thing, there are natural white acrylic nail extensions with different sizes available in the market. I found one from Girlstuff and I can’t get enough of excitement when I bought my own set. I opted to use the double-adhesive glue tapes since these are easier to remove, hence prevents damage to the nails.

How To Put Faux (Fake) Nails On Small Hands – And Nail It!

So, I decided to use faux nails at my wedding because growing my nails naturally is not my thing. I tend to cut them as soon as I notice my nails move past my fingertips. Since I’m not really used to have long fingernails, I thought of trying out faux nails that I can easily remove whenever I want.

In my experiment, I used the first three smallest sizes from the set. These fit perfectly on my nails. Before I put on the glue tapes, I try to find the perfect fit on each fingernail first. Once I find the perfect fit, I will trim down the faux nail to my desired length. You can either cut the faux nails or file it. The last step in shaping your faux nails is to file it to smoothen the edges.

TIP: If you are satisfied with the length and shape of your faux nail for each fingernail, you can use it as a pattern to cut the rest from the set since you will not use the other sizes anyway.

You may start designing the faux nails any way you want. I prefer a wedding day nail polish that I can reuse on regular days.

Same as the faux nails, the first three smallest sizes of the double-adhesive glue tapes fit well on my nails. I prefer to stick it on my nails followed by the faux nail. The tapes are perforated, makes it easier to remove the excess by pinching or by cutting it with a nipper.

Make sure that the base is fully covered by the adhesive tape. This will keep the faux nail to stay in place longer. Let it stick for at least an hour to make sure that it will not be easily removed after a bath or a long period of keeping your hands wet.

The Result

The double-adhesive glue tape is not as long-lasting as your nail glue, I recommend using this if you will attend special events or if you intend to keep your faux nails for a week or a shorter period of time.

It’s a really nice experience and I will always be excited to create new designs/colors and do my nails again.

You can get your own faux nails and double adhesive glue tape from Girlstuff branches near you.

Photo by Jason De Lima Photography
Photo by Jason De Lima Photography | Jason De Lima



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  • January 19, 2020 at 6:26 pm

    Very need this lalo na di rin makapagpahaba ng nails. Ganda nya. Thanks for the tips! 😊

  • June 3, 2020 at 4:14 pm

    aq dn maliit lang nails q ate, hnd katulad sa ibang girls na mahahaba, na try q na dn naman magpahaba dati kaso napuputol lang dn nmann kaya ayoko na 😂

  • September 8, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    Thanks a lot to you for sharing how to put faux nails- ake nails on small hands and nail it. here, these kind of ideas are were much needed. I really appreciate that you have provided the data too, really appreciative and useful blog for us. Looking for more!!


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